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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Roxy and Ronnie are back:

    in a flashback episode…..

  2. Prayers to Sam.
  3. Horrible news. I've got everything crossed for her.
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  4. 2014

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    He's the most rubbish and stale character but shirtless Jack scenes are the highlights of my year.
  5. Last night’s episode was really nice, and gave Rainie and Stuart a good send-off. Plus it’s open for them to return. Not sure I agree with the decision to write Stuart out.

    As someone else said here, why on earth is Billy still in it? Is and always was a waste of space. And as said above, Jack as well. Stuart was at least interesting and provided some comic relief.
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  6. I’m working on the assumption he has dirt on someone at the BBC, it’s the only plausible explanation
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  7. 2014

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    Stuart became unbearable.
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  8. A quick summary of things happening over the next couple of months:

    1. Ricky is coming back for a while.

    2. Flashback episode airs Monday 5th September:

    3. Daddy Panesar is on his way:

    4. Dot’s death and funeral to air later this year.

    5. Frankie’s exit - around women’s safety on the streets.

    6. The arrival of Freddie Slater next week.

    7. Alfie’s return and Phil & Kat’s wedding the week after next.

    8. A big storyline for Sam.

    9. The culmination of the Janine/Mick/Linda storyline.
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  9. Janine’s recording of her earlier conversation with Jada makes no sense as a way of forcing Jada to help her… the recording may expose Jada’s initial willingness to assist, but surely Janine has far more to lose?
  10. As much as I want Linda to win, I have to say I've enjoyed watching Janine drive one of the worst characters off the Square.
  11. Could it be that they are constantly doing crimes?
  12. I thought last nights episode, on the whole was pretty great! Great casting! Wouldn’t mind another tbh!
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  13. Island

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  14. I enjoyed it too. So much potential for other one-offs. I'd love a Dot and Ethel in the '50s episode.
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  15. It was so good, the guy who played the young Phil was amazing - the look, the voice, the mannerisms - all spot on!
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  16. 2014

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    I feel a bit out of the loop with the show, but catching Bobby flailing about in the back of the stolen wedding car was a scream. I'm also confused how Lola is still there when it feels like her exit was confirmed months and months ago.
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  17. The last few episodes have been a weird mix of good and bad.

    Loved Honey standing up to Phil and the Kat/Sharon scenes. But why was the square throwing a party for Phil? They can’t stand him? And why was Sharon pining after Phil like that?
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  18. What is everyone thinking of the show at the moment?

    I think it’s on cracking form.
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  19. Totally agree, there's not really a wasted scene or storyline and every episode is moving with an energy the show has been missing for a while. I'm loving it all at the moment.
  20. Apparently Alfie’s return is a permanent one? I quite enjoyed his first full episode back, though clearly the wedding will still go ahead despite Sharon’s and Alfie’s efforts to stop it.
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