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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. I actually really like Kat and Phil together so I hope someone pushes Alfie down the stairs again.
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Alfie coming back just as we're getting rid of Mick? Ugh.
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  3. Truly cursed decisons from the Producers.
    Had a few weeks off, but let me get back into it as Autumn draws in, and the storylines tend to pick up.

    And Sharon is looking snatched
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  4. Kat has been on fire recently. The way she absolutely annihilated Sharon in her own kitchen!! That’s mother.
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  5. I need to catch up on a few episodes, but tonight’s is my first Alfie return episode and when I tell you this man is already exhausting me!

    Let me write to Ofcom.
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  6. I just did it before...
    Why hasn't the boat capsized and he's drowned like Denny already?
  7. I’m guessing that Alfie’s return is to soften the blow of Mick’s departure. I can only assume that Alfie will succeed in winning Kat back (and Sharon, Phil).

    Alfie somehow isn’t annoying me. I’ve quite enjoyed his episodes so far, though the scene of him walking round the market at the start of Thursday’s was a bit pointless.

    There’s a sense, though, that the show’s producers think the character is much more popular with viewers than he actually is (and judging by what others think in this thread, he clearly isn’t!)
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  8. I think you'll find that we are in a minority in this group and hearing the same opinions here gives us a false sense of how the GP thinks.
    I think they love him.
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  9. If Kat and Alfie get back together, I'm giving up on this cursed show FOREVER
  10. For a moment I began to think the same thing … and then I saw that scene of him in the market trying to sell his boat and I knew I was right to judge!


    Janine is leaving! This is so incredibly disappointing about at the same time it’s not surprising at all. I saw her referred to as “a Carter accessory” on Twitter and it’s so true. She’s still felt like Janine but also not.
    I’m not even joking when I saw I hope her exit story is her killing Mick. Give us some of the old Janine before she leaves.
    But they’ve really wasted her return. I do think bringing her back broke was the wrong choice. Businesswoman Janine was always so great and I would have loved to see that explored more.
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Would it be a Janine stint if she didn’t kill someone?
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  12. Not really a spoiler as it’s speculation, but presumably Janine doesn’t mean to kill Mick. Clearly her target is Linda, but either Mick gets in the way to save Linda (which I think is likely, so that he dies a hero) or Janine’s plan somehow misfires and Mick accidentally gets killed instead of Linda. Either way, Janine presumably flees or the police get her.
  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Alfie is so tired. The show has passed the point of needing him anymore.
  14. I don’t know if they would kill Mick off. He’s popular (no idea why) and it’s likely the actor will want to come back in a few years. Someone else will be the victim.
  15. Yep, he's exhausting to watch. I was half terrified they were heading down the route of him & Linda getting together but thankfully she put him in his place and told him what we all think - there's nothing for him here anymore (not even the viewers!)
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  16. I audibly gasped at last night’s doof doof.
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  17. And it’s more that Kheerat just walked into the bedroom. Surely no one would do that? You’d shout for her from the front door and wait for her to respond?
  18. Thank God for the Panesars bringing proper drama because that fake wedding stuff with Alfie is unbearable rubbish.
  19. I need to fist fight whoever signed off on bringing Alfie back. On the plus side, his return has been met with a pretty negative response from the GP so i'm hoping he's away within the next year.
  20. The Panesars have been one of the best additions to the show in years. The scenes where they found out about Ben's involvement in Jags's death were electric. Every single member of the family is essential. Suki is an amazing character!

    They've done great things with Kat's character and the last thing she needs is to be subjected to Alfie honking his way through every scene.
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