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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. This gang storyline is awful. I know these "real issues" storylines are becoming bi-annual to coincide with 'Comic Relief'/'Children in Need' but am I really supposed to give a fuck about Liam?
  2. SBK


    I thought Patsy Palmer played it really well, the guy playing Liam, not so much.
  3. I love Kirsty so much, she's so interesting.
  4. KAG


    I couldn't stop cringing during tonight's Comic Relief scene. It just felt like a really bad parody. I live in East London and 'youths' don't actually speak like that.
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  5. The leader of the gang is hilariously inept. He makes Liam look like Robert de Niro.
  6. Am I a massive hoodlum for laughing along with the youths at the "Come home! I've made cottage pie!" Suggestion?
  7. The gang leader's face is like 'The Scream' painting, it's so distorted!!
  8. Poor Bianca. I like how they've signalled Liam's gangsta transformation by having him listen to tuneless hip hop at an obscene volume.
  9. I'm trawling through last week's episodes, and wondering if this is the most boring EE week of all-time. Not bad, not good, just DULL.

    Mind you, I continue to be surprised by how much I am liking Kirsty now.
  10. I couldn't believe how much I actually liked Tanya and Phil together. She was more like the old Tanya with him than this self-obsessed mumsy nightmare we've had for a while now.
  11. Kirsty is so 80s, I love her style, she's like a classic Eastenders character, it feels like she's been there for years.
  12. She has a killer smile.
  13. Here for Phanya.
  14. K94


    Phanya is kinda nasty - how does Phil get Tanya?! But from a viewer;s point of view, I'm here for it too.
  15. I like how Phil goes from being an utter cunt and thug to being the guy who makes home cooked meals for a date within a few weeks. Phanya kind of work.
  16. I'm not sure I am ready for Phanya. But then I can hardly remember what the old Tanya was like, before she became the Mumsy Nag. A very sexy Mumsy Nag, mind.
  17. I'm waiting for Jeanwar.
  18. All these brief little Lucy and Tamwar "moments" make me wonder if Lucwar or Tamcy is on the horizon.
  19. That gang leader is hot you guys!!

    Do not care for Tamawar wish they would kill him off!!
  20. Did you not read my 'The Scream' painting comparison!?!

    He looks like a slightly melted, younger version of Spike from 911!
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