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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Bianca will never be as Iconic as Samantha, lets get that clear!
    At least Sam had personality!
  2. BTG


    Jesus Christ, that episode tonight was terrible.

    Why do they insist on doing gang stories?! They can't do them. They just can't. And don't get me started on the acting...
  3. Bianca could be amazing if she was shot of her kids. Morgan and Tiffany are horrendous.
  4. SBK


    We should be allowed to use the laugh out loud short hand for ridiculous posts like this.
  5. Sam went through more motions than a washing machine on a spin cycle.
  6. Janine is back in 3 weeks. They'll probably stick her in a love triangle with Michael and Kat. There just aren't enough love triangles at the minute!!!
  7. It's a shame the BBC doesn't really give a shit about the show. If they did, Lorraine Newman would have been sacked by now. Their recent statement is laughable: 'We are confident the show is heading in the right direction.'
  8. I can really see this going the way of Brookside in the next couple of years.

    Bring back Eldorado!
  9. I wonder what direction that is. Down the shitter?
  10. Claire Sweeney isn't sat on a sofa in the East End seductively stroking a gun in her handbag, so we're not quite there yet.

    But yeah, it's absolutely dreadful and something needs to happen. At the risk of sounding sexist, the show tends to do better under the power of a man (except for Kirkwood who only seems to do Hollyoaks well).
  11. Let's face it, that would improve EastEnders tenfold.
  12. BTG


    There just seems to be no direction at the minute. This Liam stuff is terrible. Alfie/Kat - been there, done that... several times. No one cares about Max and Tanya. Making Kirsty pregnant ALREADY is a sign that they no idea what to do with her. And I quite liked Ava but again, she's not getting used properly at all.
  13. It's all just babies and weddings. Pairing up anyone they can, and splitting them up again. Absolutely no imagination or ideas at all.
  14. The little 'moments' are all that's keeping me going really. Like this suitcase story was total horseshit obviously but Poppy is just such a nice girl with a bit of spark about her (probably the first 'nice' female they've got right in a long time - take note Alice!) that I always enjoy her scenes. And obviously Dot is always flaw free, so putting them together is genius

    And occasionally there's something nice with Denise and Ian, or Jean. But the actual stories are just so shit, it defies belief that the writers think we would enjoy it. They must be trolling us. The things which could be interesting (something between Phil and Tanya, seeing Roxy and Alfie together, or getting to know Kirsty) are constantly sacrificed for the sake of boring reunions nobody wants to watch.
  15. Kirsty's a bit underated I think its because the show is quite poor at the moment If she came into it at a better time with better storylines, it would be alot different.

    I love her though she's old skool.
  16. Don't talk daft, Sam never went through motions Daniella played her part to perfection.
  17. Totally agree with all of the above. But not about Alice obviously, haha. Poppy's okay but I find her annoying. Not horribly annoying, her and Fats make a nice couple...maybe it's that bloody fringe.
  18. Jodie and Poppy made a great comedy pairing, I don't see why they broke that up!
  19. Jodie was awful, I hate those stereotypical Essex girls characters.
  20. It's funny how Poppy was the 'comedy sidekick' to Jodie at the time, but then somehow became the stronger character. I did like Jodie though.
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