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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Poppy is an utterly awful character.
  2. I found it very odd that they got rid of Jodie and Poppy, only to bring Poppy back. Poppy has always seemed like a small light relief character to me.
  3. How so?
  4. BTG


    This has been on five minutes and this is probably the worst five minutes of TV I have ever seen.

    What is wrong with the actors in this gang?!!
  5. The gang is hilarious. As if they actually just cacked themselves at the sight of Ava (a middle aged primary school teaching wearing a teal scarf).
  6. Even though I don't like Bianca that much Liam better not treat her like shit.
  7. Couldn't agree more! her being with Fatboy doesn't help either.
  8. This gang leader is fucking insufferable. Legitimately one of the worst characters ever.
  9. It's like a plot from Grange Hill, and executed accordingly. I was glued to it last night - riveted to see if it could get any worse, and amazingly it did, from scene to scene.
  10. I've just watched last night's episode - I was transfixed by how bad it was! Like, so bad it almost transcends to become amazing. Maybe this is the only way to watch EastEnders these days.
  11. I find her so irritating. She doesn't bring anything to the show. Her whole 'ditzy' schtick is grating. I actually feel bad for the actress because the story lines she gets given are so pointless and rubbish.
  12. Tanya's upcoming "break" has now become a permanent departure.

    That's Zainab, Michael, Tanya and Jack gone within a few months of each other. So far Lorraine Newman has only created Dexter and Ava.
  13. I'm so glad for Jo Joyner, she deserves much better.

    I'm wondering what they're doing with this new family. I hope they're workshopping and putting some effort into it.
  14. The new family were blatantly not going to be announced for ages yet, but somebody checking the forums realised everybody hates the show and decided they needed a teaser to keep watching until Christmas.
  15. EE really has lost its way at the moment. They think they're tackling big serious issues, but it's dire.
  16. I would quit this mess too.
  17. SBK


    They should kill her off. Give her a decent ending. No moving to Manchester or something shit like that.

    No doubt the way things are at the moment the cancer will return on a Monday, she'll be dead by Friday and Max will be late the funeral due an impromptu affair with Cora.
  18. Hasn't Newman also given us the wonderful Kirsty del Ray?
  19. She was a Kirkwood creation. All Newman has done is take her in a direction where Max is already bored of her. Very empowering stuff.
  20. Yeah, she's going to be a baby machine caught in a love triangle. Sigh. What a frigging waste.
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