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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. I feel like I've been waiting for Tanya's "break" for years!

    My favourite part of the press release was

    "Lorraine's long-term plans for EastEnders are now starting to really take shape and she has some very exciting things in store over the next few months, which are going to have the fans on the edge of their seats when they hear what's coming."

    I do believe I rolled my eyes! She has long-term plans?! It's going to take a miracle to get EE back on track.
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  2. Verdict on last week. TOO. MUCH. GANG. NONSENSE. ENOUGH!

    It really was dreadful stuff, although I suppose it's served as a clumsy plot device to get Ava and Dexter living somewhere else, like...um, Albert Square maybe.

    Also, check out the cameo from Sara Crowe in the daft Fats/Poppy suitcase thriller. She still looks as good as she did 20 years ago.
  3. Sharon and Phil kiss again, shocker.
  4. SBK


    The autoscript 3000 is clearly broke. Someone's hit the repeat button and its got stuck or something.
  5. Jack's autoactor3000 packed up long ago.
  6. Kirsty's ensemble tonight is the best thing EE has given us in weeks. That hat! She looks like the younger second wife of an aging rockstar.
  7. That B&B "party" scene was embarrassing for all involved.
  8. Poppy is a fucking mong I can't believe they waste screen time on shit characters like her, trying to make her funny.. when Big Mo was effortlessly funny and they cut her down!!

    Can't wait for Ronnie to come back!!
  9. innamor.

    innamor. Guest

    HAHA! I love you.

    Is she coming back?!!
  10. SBK


    Ronnie isn't coming back
  11. By all accounts, Kirsty just gets/looks better every passing week.
  12. Including the audience!
  13. I'd hardly call Big Mo 'effortlessly funny' with her wooden acting and repeatitive jokes about her farmers and fat elvis! Maybe in the early days but once again EE takes a good character and grinds it down to shit!
  14. I hate how they're so committed to getting Tanya and Max back together yet again that they've had to turn Kirsty into a heartless bitch when she was actually really lovely at first.
  15. How dare they! The one decent new character....
  16. SBK


    I love how unrealistic it is that Dot gets to keep her three bedroom house that shes been subletting and not paying rent for just because she gave a good speech.

    It just wouldn't happen like that, not with no conditions, punishment or fine...
  17. Damn you for putting possibly the best-ever picture of Lauren in there. Ha.

    Lately, it's been more like 1. Alice 2. Kirsty 3. Tanya 4. Lauren - but that's mainly because Lauren hasn't been around and when she has it's been as a moaning alky layabout.
  18. Kirsty owned tonights episode, mostly because of her hat and hair style. I love the fact that she does something different with her hair every week, no other soap Queen does that and can pull if off they way she does.
  19. Catching up....dear GOD that B&B party was excruciating! Thank heavens for the FFwd button. Likewise the eternal Lexi hospital drama.

    Note to EE writers...get ian and Sharon together. Just do it. The show goes up so many notches, and just feels like proper EE, when they share the screen.
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