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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Ewww, no. Ian and Sharon have a brother/sister relationship and it works well as that.
  2. Yeah, well they could end up together without having to get quite that involved. We need more storylines with them together, she has natural chemistry with him and she's the most like old Sharon in those scenes. (Can you tell I like old Sharon? haha).
  3. You mean new Sharon, the saviour of the show (according to Kirkland)?
  4. Brow haired Janine! My prayers have been answered! I didn't like it the second time she went blonde, it reminded me of prostitute eating dog food Janine and as mum as I loved it in the early noughties it belonged there.
  5. LTG


    Remember her last brother...
  6. I didn't know she wen't back dark, she looks great, like in 08,09 when she first returned, this gives me hope that she's gonna be a bit more evil and twisted.
  7. Yeah, I'm hoping it's going to be a return to the much nastier Janine too. My goodness, I said "mum" instead of "much"... I'll blame my hangover.
  8. Freudian slip, I'm sure.

    Janine might get the programme out of this godforsaken slump. But if they can waste Kirsty like this, who knows.
  9. Jack has the best chemistry with Tanya in my humblest of opinions. Maybe they'll leave together.
  10. I think Kirsty has done with what she has been given, she's the only interesting character at the moment really.

    I have a feeling that Charlie Brooks will be leaving at some point, maybe another year and she will be gone.
  11. For me the whole courtroom stuff was ridiculous. Especially the speeches. This is EE, not bloody Shakespeare! It was daft beyond belief, with some awful dialogue.
  12. Bianca looks fucking fabulous.
  13. I'm just catching up now. KIRSTY'S HAT. How random?!
  14. Nobody getting outrageously pissed? This is the worst stag/hen episode ever.
  15. KAG


    The guy who plays Joey Branning is a lousy actor.
  16. I believe the Pope is a Catholic too, hehe.

    Thank christ Jack is going, I cannot stand his useless non-acting and constant bellowing. I do agree with whoever said he has some chemistry with Tanya/Jo, he's at least more bearable in scenes with her (I can't believe the writers contrived to screw up/waste that relationship years ago).

    Patsy Palmer is a fine looking lady, there was one scene in the recent Liamathon where she looked quite un-Bianca-like and more like Patsy Palmer, which was nice.
  17. Cora's so tame these days, remember Tanya's hen do? she was a hot drunk mess.
  18. I only watched it last night because I read 'hen party' and was hoping to see Kat slutdropping to Cyndi Lauper tunes in the R&R again, but no such luck...
  19. REMEMBER THAT SCENE!? Up there with 'Fiz from Corrie in the shower' for pure hilarity.
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