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Whoever in this thread said that Bobby will end up in a detention centre within the next year was right. I really can't see this possibly going any other way now. Having said that, how do they get around Jane's involvement with moving the body and perverting the course of justice?

That was me. I thought the photos of Ian committing suicide by jumping from the bridge could be a reaction to losing Bobby to a young offenders institute or something. It will end this autumn, it's been a good storyline, if wildly unbelievable for the most part, but it risks damaging some characters beyond redemption. As for Jane's part in it, she'll get some kind of reduced/suspended sentence for temporary insanity or whatever.
Yeah, that's my concern. It's one thing packing Bobby off for a while but they can't, literally can't, write it in a way that Jane won't be handed a serious sentence. They could (and likely will) lie that Ian etc. didn't know but Jane moved the body. She's fucked.

Then again, Dot's serving a sentence for something that no one would ever be convicted off, so EastEnders law works in mysterious ways.
I don't care how realistic it is (this is the show where the Mitchells have a money tree in the back garden and people steal each other's businesses left, right and centre using a contract drawn in crayon) I just want it to end!
Where did Kush and Stacey disappear to? Stacey's flat?

Not this again...

They'll be at it again when Shabz' goes into labour / finds out about the baby won't they...
Didn't DTC say that the Lucy story was just the start of a much bigger story? Doesn't sound like the kind of thing that's over in a few months to me. I feel like we've got another 12 months of up and downs before the storyline really comes to its climax with Bobby knowing everything, which will probably kick start a new personal drama—and I think that's a good thing. In real life, everything that happens to you is like a continuing domino effect, it's all linked together. In real life, people don't become killers, prisoners, and inexplicably heterosexual in the space of a few years with no connective tissue between the unrelated series of events that is their life.
For me the highlight of EastEnders last week was not only see the legendary Kathy Beale back on Albert Square for the 1st time in over 15 years, but Sharon getting more camp within every second. Love this woman ha ha!
He / Him / His
Masood is such a worthless, pathetic mess. I'm not quite sure how two (fairly attractive, or at least sufficiently out of his league) women were even interested in him in the first place. And don't even get me started on how he made a complete and utter fool of himself by swinging a handbag at his future son-in-law or that childish "I'm sorry" routine from his bedroom window.

He's "Alfie" levels of insufferable.
"He's taking the mick, Mick!"

Is maybe the best line we've had in about three months. I need Stacey to support Shabs throughout the current storyline, and not use it as leverage to get Kush into bed. Because then I will just hate her.
Poor Shabnam. Glad she called Kush. It was very unlike her to let him in. Hopefully he doesn't go running to Stacey
Oh god, I was in bits throughout that episode, and it'll probably, get worse next week. It's amazing how they can go from the Kush chases Mas around the square pantomine, to all out sheer gut wrenching drama the same week.
Inconsistency has always been Eastenders middle name though (at least since about 1999).
She also complained of being bored shitless by Charlie and threatened to castrate Dean.

"Have you heard all the rumours about me? Every single one of them is true."

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They've given Tracey an actual storyline! I'm crying with laughter!