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Ed Sheeran - No. 6 Collaborations Project

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, May 22, 2019.

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  2. Wonder what other songs he will rip off?
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  3. His conscious devouring of sales records and other artists achievements, the way he ~doesn't attend Hollywood parties~ and wears baggy Primark jeans when filling out stadiums because he's so above iNdUsTrY sTaNdArDs, his music catering to the lowest common denominator like any other cookie cutter popstar but somehow still maintaining this introspective singer songwriter label with the media and the public because he's a male guitar player who's been to tenerife

    He just represents the few things i detest about pop music
  4. Well didn’t she already for a song on his last album???
  5. I honestly hope the world ends before this drops.
  6. @Trump @Iran let's do this
  7. I quite liked Multiply.
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  8. Multiply is a great album. Divide took what worked on that record and paired it down to be more easily digestible/crowd-pleasing, and it's shit as a result. There are a few decent tracks on the latter but, as a whole, it felt like a shitty impersonation of Multiply by a less talented artist. I cringe just thinking about New Man. I've seen Ed live a few times and I think he's a huge talent, so it sucks to have seen him go down that road.
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  9. I would happily have an album of Ed Sheeran-written/co-written songs sung by female artists. His songs by Rita Ora, Hilary Duff, Jessie Ware et al are good.

    I just can’t tolerate his own songs - not so much their general mediocrity in and of itself, but that combined with their ubiquity and inexplicable popularity throughout every album campaign (and afterward). And I guess a part of me is bitter and frustrated that his unremarkable, middle England-friendly, straight white male balladry and faux-bops earn so much airplay, sales and streams at the expense of other, far more engaging artists and performers.

    It’s really everything his success stands for that I take issue with. He reinforces the status quo.
  10. RJF


    How many mouths will be kissed across the whole alberm, I wonder.
  11. That one year he was the hottest property at the Brits, he turned up in a fancy suit for the red carpet and ended up changing into his ~relatable baggy jeans and t-shirt outfit for his live performance. The sheer calculated cynicism of that decision spoke volumes.
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  12. I don't like his music much, but maybe he's just more comfortable performing in casual wear ...
  13. You know, I could even tolerate the "relatability" aspect of him, if every time it was brought up in an interview he didn't basically go "yeah lol it's really funny and makes me load of money." Kinda defeats the whole purpose of being "the relatable artist" there Ed.
  14. He’s a turgid dump of a person and he doesn’t deserve a shred of the success he’s had.
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    Ed is... a charlatan; a con artist, a pick pocket. Someone who is so obviously capable of doing better and fully aware of it, and capable of making loads of money by being better... but he's identified that he can make more money by doing less, so less is what he does. The contempt he has for his audience is unfathomable in its cruelty and malevolence. His next album should be called £. He's an egomaniacal, greedy monster.

    Like, a single with Justin Bieber about being an awkward outcast at a party full of pretty people... I've never heard something more focus-grouped to make money in my entire life. He is bereft of artistic worth. A cancerous lump on pop music. And what do we do with cancer, girls? We cut it out. Yes we do.

    Lock the thread, censor his name on the forum, and forget this ever happened.
  16. I am taking the tiniest bit of solace in the fact that even with Bieber's completely unnecessary involvement and flogging $10 t-shirt bundles to US fans like the discount bin quality of the song, he still missed out on the Hot 100 number 1 this week.
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    The fact that Taylor, Ed, and Justin, all with similar nefarious hawking of complete shit merch, have been stomped by "Old Town Road" is a kii, and a pop justice.
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  18. The fact Ed was selling free US shipping for a year which also came with a download of the song was an utter joke
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  19. I was hoping this thread would genuinely be locked dd, but I wanted to point out that Ed is directly responsible for Lewis Capaldi and those annoying tube posters and his "I was so bored actually making my album LOL!" blurbs. Stop these children of gammons.
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