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Ed Sheeran - No. 6 Collaborations Project

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, May 22, 2019.

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  1. No. I can recommend you a PT who doesn't like him if you like.
  2. My niece is the only fan I'm aware of.

    But she used to have a crush on Louis Tomlinson so we already know there's something wrong with her.
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  3. I don’t know why, but my brain processed this as “Louis Spence”
  4. Hotter than Louis.
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  5. Such is the hatred for Ed that you'll throw your own flesh and blood under the bus! That's the power of Sheeran.
  6. Disown ha!
  7. He has been crowned the worlds highest grossing tour beating U2 360 tour. U2, $735 million and Divide tour is $736 million so far BUT he’s doing 255 shows where as U2 did 110 shows... so has he really done better than U2?! He’s done over double the shows they did and only just beat them.
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  8. Sam


    The other night in a bar, my mum asked me why I can’t stand him. I gave her the whole spiel about how yes he’s talented but he writes and markets himself to the lowest common denominator and there’s just no artistic merit to any of his stuff, and she was all “No if you listen to the lyrics you just don’t get it”. I went home early by myself.
  9. Dddd not when his lyrics are about as deep as a gas station greeting card. Disowned!
  10. Don’t let me post the lyrical content of that “Blu ray, true say” song again!
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  11. Sam


    The emancipation of Sammy
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  12. I sometimes wonder about when people make such high amounts but do so many shows. Surely the fact that he can sell tickets to 255 shows is quite a feat? Would some of these other acts be able to sell tickets to that many shows? I doubt it. I still hate him though and wish he didn't break this record.
  13. Very true, I think Beyoncé, Adele maybe a few others could beat it easily if they did the amount of shows he did but his tour has been over 2yrs - I just can’t see any artists willing to dedicate that much time to a tour.
  14. [​IMG]

    Every single time, someone tries or even ATTEMPTS to make me think this creature actually has talent or deserves the success that he's getting, I just ask them:


    Yeah I think the fuck not - stop celebrating hWHITE male mediocrity.

    Stream real talent here instead:

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  15. Yes not many would dedicate that amount of time. Adele could definitely beat if she did that many shows.
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  16. I'm still yet to meet Emma, but this feels very relevant.

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  17. CryBaby... ugh gets me every time - whole album is wonderful
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  18. Anyone who actually writes the lyrics "Shakes my soul like a pothole" deserves to be banned from the music industry.
  19. Sam


    But darling she’s perfect to him!!!!
  20. Today an ex-classmate (I fucking hated her. Fake, loud, violent etc) has posted a few stories about her wedding and Perfect was THE song for the celebration. Trash recognizes trash apparently.
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