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Ed Sheeran - No. 6 Collaborations Project

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, May 22, 2019.

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  1. Yeah I don't buy it. I sense the label thought he's been overexposed for a while and thus will hide him for a year or so. Also I shudder at the thought of the songs he will make after the wife pops out the first kid.
  2. Just be glad that he didn't snatch "Come To My Party" like that false rumor that Stan Twitter spread.
  3. His wife is called... Cherry Seaborn?

  4. I've always had a strange crush on Phil Collins... help.
  5. First of her name
  6. The problem is he might still be writing for our faves. Let's keep praying for the gay god.
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  7. Beautiful People assaulted my radio this morning. What a load of pretentious "I'm just... so authentic" shite.
  8. A good friend of mine was an exotic dancer at a club in midtown Manhattan until about a year ago...
    One night on the main stage she asked the DJ to play Cardi during her set...
    The owner stepped in and told her the clientele were too upscale for that kind of music...
    He forced her to dance to Shape of You instead...
    That story immediately pops into my head at the mention of Ed Sheeran...
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  10. Help I'm at the barber shop and they are playing Beautiful People and I can't escape. My plan to completely avoid the album has failed. What a basic song though.
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  11. So after Multiply, Plus and Divide, his retirement is the actual "Subtract" album project?
    His mind etc.
    (not) here for it!
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  12. Quadratic Equation: His FIFTEENTH! studio album.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Sheerthagoras: The Greatest Hits

    Actually, he'll prob call it something smug like "Cock-blocking Superior Tracks from their Rightful Success: The Greatest Hits."
  15. Looking back, I had such an issue with his lyrics on the Justin Bieber song and I could not articulate why. My attempts to explain why just came out silly.

    But now that we have had more songs I FINALLY can put my finger on what is bothering me.

    Ed Sheeran has never seemed authentic to me. Not even a little.

    When he came out the Bieber song, something seemed very off about him singing about how great it was to have his "baby" with him at these "suit and tie" events (aka award shows with his peers).

    Now I get what's going on. He has collaborated with a lot of black artists and churned out lyrics about hating boring music events and "beautiful people" for a reason.

    He is trying to reach out to a further audience than his Basic white fanbase. Ed's fanbase are very safe, corporate and suburban. They may have danced to 50 Cent in Da Club in 2004 but hold the basic opinion that "music was better in the old days because my dad said so". They like Ed Sheeran because he is "just lovely" and plays guitar.

    my colleagues the other day were saying that they don't like Ed recently because of the style of his recent songs. AKA my colleagues were being racist and Ed is alienating his basic white fanbase.
  16. Well
  17. Oracle.

    It's interesting though how racist people are towards black artists. People look down on them as being uncultured and the music as unskilled.
  18. My friends have an annoying habit of saying stuff like this whenever his name is mentioned. One of them came back from some festival that he played at and said how amazing it was that he was just performing with a guitar and didn't need any distractions or props, as if he deserves more respect and praise than other artists who can sing just as well/better than him but also perform choreography. This whole 'real music' shit because he plays a fucking guitar drives me insane. There's tons of artists who can play guitar - I pass buskers every day who are singing Ed's songs - but could Ed ever do a full blown dance routine with costume changes, multiple set ups and do that every night on a tour? Could he buggery.

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  19. He has threatened to come back with a full band next time, rather just his loopy guitar thing.
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