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Ed Sheeran - No. 6 Collaborations Project

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, May 22, 2019.

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  1. [​IMG]
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  2. Me too, especially in the 'Buster' days...Must have been early Daddy issues...
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  3. I thought he looked like the cartoon Weetabix characters in the 80s.

    So as a result called him Weetabix Face.

  4. Spongebob's dad <3
  5. Heart FM was on in the barber shop earlier and today's competition is to listen out for one, two, or three Sheeran songs in a row to win money.

    What kind of dystopian nightmare?
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  6. I haven't seen that episode of Black Mirror.
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  7. The winning prize is £30k. I think that's a fair compensation for putting anyone through that.
    I believe last week the artist was Jess Glynne...
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  8. So you get 10k for every song of his you listen to?


  9. When is Phillary Collins getting ha Vegas Residency?
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Daddy Phil came on the radio earlier, and I was rocked by Something Happened on the Way to Heaven but also this melodic pilfering of Heaven is a Place on Earth!?
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  12. FKA twigs LP1 cover art who?
  13. OspreyQueen

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    It's very Post-era Björk single cover.

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  14. This Donut Time creation is called the 'Philled Collins' - gorgeous ganache but man did I spin out on all the sugar.


  15. Don't try and play nice sis, I saw your drumming gorilla tweet!
    The misophily!!!
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    OspreyQueen Staff Member

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  17. Don't forget to support Phil Collins in the 2019 Popjustice Readers' Poll, gals.
  18. Maybe God does exist. And is definitely a woman.
  19. With E* S****** retiring, but J***** B***** making a comeback... She giveth and She taketh away.
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