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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Madaboutmusic, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. I feel very upset at having to say it but Shivers is excellent. Great hooks, beautiful hooks. The "disco strings" on the final chorus are so much fun.

    I actually feel like it's something that could fit on Disco by Kylie if BMG paid for better producers (lovely Biff aside).
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  2. Bad Habits spends an eleventh (!!!) week at #1 in the UK:

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  3. I'm really tempted to say I told you so, but actually there's a reason this is good and it's not Ed - it's a Kal Lavelle co-write. Not only is she gay (so don't worry, your tastes haven't betrayed you), she's also been fucking brilliant since 2011:

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  4. I told you so? When did you tell us? Ddd
  5. It's very slim pickings, granted, but against the backdrop of this thread, I feel it's tantamount to outright stanning. He does have it in him to be decent, he just needs... lesbian co-writers, as it turns out.
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  6. nn this is decent! Damn.

    The production is crisp and I didn't detect mortifying lines. Could someone good at it maybe change his voice a bit so that he could sound like, I don't know, Joe Jonas or some other straight? It would make the experience more enjoyable for me x
  7. This song is not good. The melody is giving me 'Oh Sheila' but make it shit.
  8. Ahh the way your post read was you told us it’s because of Kal specifically….not you just warming up to Ed lol
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  9. Well at least the girl from Bridge to Terabithia is getting some work.
  10. The strings remind me of the Casualty theme.
  11. I've always been willing to give Ed his dues when he does something good. He has some great material buried in his first 2 albums but Divide was an atrocity and every piece of press he's done since then revealed how much of an ass he is. Bad Habits was embarrassing but this is a cute bop. If the album has some decent songs, I'll take it.
  12. She's been working. Y'all should watch Dr Death, which she's great in.
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  13. I think Shivers can be filed with Shape of You under 'songs he should've given to more capable female performers'. Even when he hits a mark, I just can't buy a 'pure pop' song from him. He'd struggle to sell me fruit on a market stall to be honest. Just very unconvincing.
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  14. I don't know if that's what you had in mind (and I also had no clue what I was doing) but I played with the pitch until I came to something that sounding pleasing:
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  15. He's performing this at the VMAs tomorrow.

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  16. I hate how much I love this. What a bop!
  17. This is a bop, as embarrassed as I am to admit. Since he has sold them some tripe to sing in the past, I can’t help but think this would have been in better hands with BTS? It just screams boyband.
  18. The middle 8 melody is great.
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  19. It's just a great, bulletproof pop song through and through. Although for me the verses are the highlight, and slightly stronger than the main hook and middle eight - the way the melody just....glides along during those lines, it's irresistible. But again the whole thing is solid. He really delivered.
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  20. Is the general consensus here that Shape of You is bad? It’s a Sia ripoff (which would have underwent litigation today), but I can’t make it not bop when it comes on. Great pop song. Perfect is the true enemy of the gays.
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