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Ed Sheeran - =

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Madaboutmusic, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. Shape of You is fine, just overplayed.
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  2. It really reminds me of another song and I cannot think what.
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  3. On Spotify, this debuted at #13 in the US (Bad Habits is #25), #4 in the UK (Bad Habits is #3), and #12 globally (Bad Habits is #3). I feel like this is going to absolutely smash on radio in the US, so it will probably rise on streaming as it rises on radio the same way Bad Habits did.
  4. As far as Ed Sheeran Goes Pop®️ is concerned, Sing >>> Shape of You for me. Even before the latter was overplayed I felt this way
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  5. I am a little confused because I clearly remember this interview where Ed said Bad Habits was an one-off sonically so I guess he and his team are happy with its performance and decided to have another go at this sound.

    Both songs are fine for me so no complaints.
  6. He also said in interviews that Shivers was supposed to be the first single
  7. Are we forgetting how calculated he is? I get that to an extent all pop releases are but he's so insidious with it. If Afterglow had been a ten-week number one all of these little Cirkuit demos would've been forwarded to Liam Payne.
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  8. [​IMG]

    That's probably correct dd. Afterglow was also rather good though!
  9. Dd I think insidious is an unusual way of describing... a popstar following up one commercial pop song with another.
  10. Everything Ed Sheeran does is completely sinister.
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  11. I doubt the queen of rank laziness and wasted talent could be bothered to sue anyone.
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  12. Y*s!
  13. I really like Bad Habits and Shivers. Sorry, not sorry!
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  14. All personal preferences aside, I'm surprised he's stayed as big and successful as he has all this time. It feels unprecedented.
  15. Lol the absolute u-turn of this thread.

    I enjoy quite a lot of Ed songs to be fair. The lyrics are generally weak, that's my biggest issue with him, but the tunes are there.
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  16. Predictably Shiver is no 1 in the U.K. midweeks, 10,000 ahead of no 2 which is…Bad Habits

  17. Bad Habbits came on in the car today and my other half said he liked this Justin Bieber song…. I can’t!
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  18. [​IMG]

    I still remember when this needed to be locked and I was accused of poor taste for enjoying his music
  19. If all it takes for an Ed Sheeran song in 2021 to be good is to have a queer songwriter... Can MNEK co-write the next single?
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