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Ed Sheeran - =

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Madaboutmusic, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. This is the song that has the girls switching like sissies? Not to mention that performing at the VMAs in jeans and a t-shirt should be a federal crime. The bar is well and truly in hell.
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  2. I know that a t-shirt and jeans is his thing, but considering he wore Versace on the red carpet, surely he could've asked Donatella to make him a more interesting stage look.
  3. This is still valid x
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  4. Some of y'all will go from adamantly denying you stan this man to taking pride in it based on one song, the fair weather jumped out!

    Shivers is alright, certainly better than the divide singles so a mild victory.
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  5. Wait what was that last one again
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  6. upload_2021-9-15_23-58-0.png

    Fff… Not my local record store dragging him like this. Imma do another shopping spree!
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  8. I swear, wasn't he retiring though and live a boring straight life with his wife? Of course he lied
  9. It being called The Mathematics tour. I-
  10. We should be so lucky.
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  11. We are living in the timeline of Taylor, Gaga and Ariana so I guess this is nature’s way of evening the playing field.
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  12. Turning up in Versace and down grading to jeans and t-shirt to perform...
    It's the constant calculation for lowest common denominator that does me in. And the Hettie GP fall for it everytime
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  13. The way the 'Bad Habits' video and press photos could have signalled an image change or li'l concept era served if he'd have had any creative spark in him or desire to switch things up a bit, but barely one single later he's back in his 2005 regional UK schoolyard skateboarder TK Maxx looks. He's utterly rotten.
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  14. Who ever retires though? Everyone who claims they're done with the music business comes back at some point, even the ones who really needn't have bothered (see: Eminem)
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. As the tour name includes the yet to be release title „-„, that album will be released until september 2022.
  17. I might go to see him this time. I missed his last tour but it seemed like everyone I knew went, and they all had only great things to say about it. Plus the new stuff bodes well so far; Bad Habits and Shivers should both go off in a stadium.
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