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Educating Greater Manchester

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by scottdisick94, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. The first episode has just come out and it's absolutely brilliant. I really wish everyone in the country would watch it, it can be so powerful at times.

    This episode felt a lot more politically charged than any other series. It dealt with Syrian Refugees and the Manchester Attack.

    It's so unbelievably uplifting as well. It really does just feel so....important at a time like this.
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  2. Love the first episode. It was so nice to see the young boy take the Syrian refugee under his wing (sorry I've forgotten all their names, but I hope you know who I mean) and once he was out of the COGS classes, I liked how quickly he turned into a mischievous and cheeky student. Exactly what a child that age should be - care free, cheeky and adventurous. It was really heartwarming.

    I love the series in general, and think all the schools, teachers and students have been fantastic.
  3. I love these shows and didn't realise it had returned! As soon as I saw this thread I went and caught up on the first episode, I cried multiple times throughout it. It was so heartwarming and like you've said it should be something everyone in the UK watches.
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