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Eesti Laul 2018 - Talent Won

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. I'm still bopping.

    I also clocked two guys trying to rip his shirt off with scissors.
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  2. PC Music is quaking!!!
  3. As much as La Forza is clearly the spectacle, a technical powerhouse and a really good bet for Estonia to qualify again (if not placing high in the final), it’s Drop That Boogie that I’ve had on a loop in my head since the semi.
  4. Yas, stan the bop of Eesti Laul 2018!

    Charli XCX is depressed, PC Music is scared, Kerli found even more irrelevant!
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  5. Drop That Boogie is a cute album track.

    She can do much better though...
  6. Eesti Laul is really bringing the bops (and the operatic drama) this year.

    I may even watch the final (and give Melfest a miss).
  7. Oh yeah, did that hot guy who missed all of his stage cues and seemed completely terrified get through? I can't find any details about him online...
  8. Nika's performance looks lit.
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  9. I'm obsessed with this.

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  10. Closing my Melfest stream like


    Hi girls xx
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  11. Mis-Teeq realness with these motorcycle
  12. gfjglfklgf not the orcs of Mordor forming a KoRn tribute band.
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  13. Oh she brought her own death walkers, that's cute!
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  14. A&E


    Hi gerls, I'm half-awake so Eesti Laul has got my full attention tonight.
  15. Living for this Beyond Thunderdome hair.
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  16. A&E


    Mylene's taking notes as we speak.
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  17. Honestly, THE LQQK!
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  18. A&E


    Kylie's Golden era hasn't been very exciting so far, has it?
  19. I haven't missed anyone yet have i?
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