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Eesti Laul 2020

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Up N Down, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Looks like a few songs got leaked a day before, like this one:

  2. I hope queen will come through tonight.
  3. Me trying to cover up my disappointment that out of the 24 potential songs there's only about 2 I actually like

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  4. A bunch of nothing this years selection is.
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  5. Maybe it's Maren Morris and Kacey Musgraves' impacts but I'm kinda living for the country-tinged twee-fest. I consider it an improvement from last year.


    Break Me is THAT MOR bop!
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  6. Did anyone try the Majakad? I thought the Majakad was lovely.

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  7. My expectations were low considering it's not a Sven Lõhmus song but I was actually ascending a bitsy.
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  8. Well, some of the selected tracks are PJ-friendly. The Lianne La Havas sounding song is interesting, too
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  9. Uku Suviste is beautiful and I think the song would do very well. So perplexed by Ping Pong and the line “Please don’t play me like a ping pong, bitch”

  10. FYI, Daana Ots (the black girl from Violina) was one of the girls that teamed up with Ms. Polvedere in 2005.

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  11. The crushing disappointment when I discovered Laura’s song is a Miley Cyrus country ballad reject kind of thing.... :(
    The chorus is kinda cute though but the verses just highlight the worst in her voice (love Laura but she is prone to “nasal-ness” when singing in her lower register).
    It’s not like she isn’t capable of producing a great downtempo bop either;
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  12. A chick will win this year - too many cute boys with emo ballads pretending to be Duncan Lawrence. My picks:

    I tried the Majakad and it was very nice thanks.
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  13. Nah. It'll be three penises in the super final again and we will deal.
  14. These songs make me miss Eesti Laul 2011 - 2013 era.
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  15. They're re-airing the previews right now and muffy, sis, the mediocrity.

    Me at the final trying to hide the fact that I'm not enjoying any of it and want my money back.
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  16. Miljon Sammu & Break Me are very good. Definitely would be a great choice if either of those two get selected

    Are also very cute.

    Overall I think I liked maybe one more song. Not really ideal hens.

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  17. I think I'm stanning this?
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  18. First semifinal is tonight. Laura performs 8th.
  19. Well.......Laura never fails to deliver with the staging and outfits!! Whewwww
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