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Elen Levon - Like A Girl In Love

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. So Elen is a fresh, new, Australian popstar, launching her career at the ripe age of 17. She's signed to Ministry of Sound and seemingly has a bit of a budget behind her. Despite the song being auto-tuned up the wazoo, her voice is quite okay, as evidenced by several of her Blackberry ads. There's also a lot of focus on her dancing, which is definitely better than any major popstar's these days.

    The song is pretty dumb, but it's well produced, and the slick, K-Pop style video compliments it nicely. Those horn synths in the chorus are badass! The single is out in the AU on the 23, by the way.

  2. Re: Elen Levon - Naughty (Feat. Israel Cruz)

    I don't know about this.. it's good, but I agree- it sounds like auto-tune is used too much when it doesn't really seem like it's needed.
  3. Re: Elen Levon - Naughty (Feat. Israel Cruz)

    I really like it.

    To me she sounds a bit like Natalia Kills in some parts.
  4. She's back with a new single, 'Like a Girl In Love'.

    It's a bit generic, but there's no auto-tune, and I like it a bit more with each play. Sounds a bit like a Rihanna reject, but there are worse things to be. The video is gorgeous though, it was shot in Cambodia.

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