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Eleni Foureira - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by vasilios, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. DAS


    It was a great performance and i don't know if im being stupid but she wasn't even lip syncing because there wasn't even a microphone near her that i could see? she was just mouthing along to the song? She's such an amazing performer that it doesn't stop me loving the performance and the song but that part of it felt a bit odd... i don't know if its just a MAD VMA thing as other performances it was so clear that no live singing took place

    I just think she needs to try now for an international debut of Fuego-esque bops / eurodance, as her appeal is wasted on local greek hits
  2. MAD VMA is notorious for not allowing singers to actually sing live. I believe this was the first year they had the option but as far as I know only one artist actually sang live. She wasn't even the only performer that night who didn't use a fake microphone. I wish there was more live singing but I've accepted it for what it is.
  3. It’s very common for artists to lip sync at Mad VMAs since the first year they took place. It’s no surprise to anyone here but yeah, it’s kinda annoying since they don’t even pre record the tracks. @UltimatColossus I didn’t know they were offered to sing live this year, most of the performances were very messy and not well prepared though, considering they were not filmed at the usual arena stage. Eleni did great on the other hand and that new choreographer is also a good fit for her.
  4. Kinda obsessed with Aeraki!
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  5. Eleni's new song is her best in a really long time. Its fantastic.
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  6. A friend reminded me of Eleni's girlband bops and...


    What in the Jesy is going on here!!
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  7. SCREAM!
  8. I guess she was trying to pass for brazilian back then no?
  9. Mexican...
  10. Rob


    Is that Jessica Simpson?!
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  11. I know this thread is near dead (poor us), but I was rewatching the god level Fuego performance, and checked her socials. She confirmed the new album for May.

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  12. DAS


    her career the past couple of years has been so confusing to me, Fuego put her on the map and she was having success in many countries in Europe and then she just went back to being a local greek artist again? Her recent music I haven't enjoyed as much, but I'm so excited for an album from her!
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  13. She waited a full year after Eurovision before releasing an international EP, and it was not very good.
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  14. Yeah they massively dropped the ball. I didn’t mind the Gypsy Woman EP but it was 12 months too late.
  15. Nice! Looking forward to her new album
  16. When the new album is her last few hits + two remixes and one new song.
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  18. I am confused... Is that the official album cover? What does she mean she will present the visuals for the album on 28.05?
  19. Music videos.
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