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ELIO - Can You Hear Me Now?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by enricll, Jul 15, 2020.

  1. New single out on October 8th:

  2. Does anyone else feel that the laughing at the end of Fabric almost ruins the atmosphere of the song? It reminds me of when you have an emotional ending to a film or TV show and then the continuity announcer starts shouting within a millisecond of the end credits starting.
  3. Excited to have more material so soon! Jackie Onassis remains top 5 singles of the year for me.
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  4. Song and music video out now:

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  5. The song is totally different from the EP and it kind of snatched me, damn.
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  6. New single, Superimpose

  7. This is fantastic. Charger blazed an early trail up my top-listened songs of the year, and I can totally see this one ending up the same way.

    Highkey this sounds like the album Zara Larsson's Love Me Land wanted to be on.
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  8. Another great single! She’s so incredibly consistent and one of my favourite music discoveries since the pandemic hit.
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