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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. I thought the whole "more femme one bothers the other until he learns to accept and embrace it" aspect of Omar and Anders fairly realistic and well done? The infidelity is another thing but if every other couple is doing it I don't expect the gay couple to above that.
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  2. to you
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  3. They would never be an interesting couple. Omar and Ander both are quiet, subtle, kind of tortured characters and would benefit immensely from a unusual pairing with people that clash their personalities. Marina and Samuel suffered from the exact same thing. And look how much more exciting are Samuel/Carla and Marina/Nano that Samuel/Marina. The same goes for Nadia/Guzman. They all came to life once paired with characters that actually challenged them, and that's what Omar/Ander lack.
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  4. That's why this is my post, it's my opinion. Did I came in with some kind of global research? What's not clicking?
  5. Calm down Nadia
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  6. LiK


    I think it's perfectly good that they're the way they are, in this instance. Like I said neither has gotten to actually enjoy the honeymoon phase of their relationship. We know that Omar isn't "quiet and subtle" not sure if you saw season 2 or 3 because this write up isn't reflecting that. As for Ander you can't honestly watch season one and say his character is subtle. Both have been going through their own personal hell and it has consumed them, so it has definitely stifled their personalities, which spilled over and suffocated their relationship. They were definitely one of the more out there couples in season one and we saw how that all changed once everything went wrong.

    I definitely think the writers will try to rectify both characters next season, assuming they pick up where they left off.
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    This is a gif, sis.
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  8. Next season is a reboot, so I don't think any of the old characters are returning.
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    Definitely won't be a reboot.
  10. What do you mean?
  11. Yeah I think some faces will stay the same.
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  12. Omar and Ander are the worst as a couple. Omar works as a separate character at least, Ander is only misery. They should have killed off Ander, and tied it into the teens realizing that life is short and they've been through enough already without sending Lu to jail.

    And Omar should have gone to NYC with Nadia and Lu and lived his best homo life.
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  13. Keeping half the cast but getting rid of Carla and Lu is not the tea. I'd rather they just started fresh.
  14. Yeah Ander is a bit annoying but Omar is 100000% bae. Also that moment at the hospital where they were like “Andres?” “Roman?” like at the house party in season 1 was fucking cute.
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  15. You need to not write scripts.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Random bump but did you ever look at someone and be almost pressed they're so freaking gorgeous like... the girl has BOTH beauty and talent in spades and I really hope we'll see her in more things.

    I also came across this NSFW-ish post of Omar nn

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  18. Ester truly is something else. I could watch her all day and never stop thinking "wow" at that face.

    That Omar pic...
  19. Season 4 has been officially confirmed. Nadia, Lu, Carla, and Valerio won't be in it but the rest of the cast will be.

  20. He


    But Carla, Nadia and Lu are the best characters.
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