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ELITE (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Really, they should’ve just made series 4 about Lu and Nadia in New York.
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  2. jtm


    I hope they drop the flash forward thing. It adds nothing.
  3. ok so apparently Aron Piper is now doing music and he has this song that is kinda cringey but low key slaps

    Someone tell me why I just want him to spit in mouth and tell me “I don’t want a bitch like that”
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  4. So that's why he was at Primavera last year.
  5. Well girls I've just binge-watched the three seasons and I enjoyed them very much! The two new boyz of the 3rd season weren't up to much and I realized they were different people after the first episode nn but I appreciated the physiques dd and loved how Carla dealt with her father, queen!

    I have to say tho, Ander since season 2 has become a textbook toxic boyfriend, I had war flashbacks while I watched him treating Omar like shit.

    I was disappointed to see Omar surrendering to his savior complex, giving up on NY and coming back again for Ander. Sure, the callback to their dialogue from Season 1 was a cute touch, but still. That kind of Disney happy ending didn't make much sense but I'm sure it was the only way for the producers to still have both actors on the next season.

    The only one I truly, viscerally hated through the whole series was Cayetana. God I hated her in every single scene, so kudos to the actress and the writers I guess.

    Seeing her clean the floors at the end? A gag and a half, even if it didn't really align with her M.O. to reject the Power Lesbians' offer. I just don't want to see her again on another season.
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  6. I’ve just finished seasons 1-3, ugh I love this show! I found the ‘mystery’ of season 3 much more compelling than previous seasons because by then we knew the character who was killed very well. Samu going missing in season 2 was a bit...boring?

    I really enjoyed the brief exploration of gay shame with Ander & Omar’s relationship (in season 2) and wish we had seen a bit more of that as it’s such a big part of the queer experience. They both did a LOT of moping about and I hope they have something different/fun coming up.

    The writing, the soundtrack & the styling for this show is so on point.... I hope S4 can keep the standard up, I am cautiously optimistic.
  7. Sexy yes yes yes

  9. Ugh this beautiful man. Added to the bank.
  10. Watched season 1, contemplating if I should watch the other seasons, I hate it when european dramas try to be too "americanised", keep to your strengths and keep to your roots.
  11. LOL no
  12. He


    Ddd these white hispanics talking about and whitewashing santería.

    It's a bop though.
  13. Hi Aja
    yes and yes
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