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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. I think the spit lube seen is quite a real situation. My problem is the lack of conversation about safe sex.

    I agree there was not much character development with Patrick but he was pretty to look at so I was coming back every episode.
  2. I didn't even remember Lu and I was a fan dd.
    Nah the cast was more than fine.
  3. I’m very late to the party but absolutely loving this. Already a few eps into series 4. Ander / Aron Piper is my new crush!
  4. YES! I can't wait.
  5. Ohh that’s so close!
  6. SO soon! Did not expect this & could not be more thrilled.
  7. yAAYAYAaYAYAYyayyayayaayyYAyayYAYsyas!
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  8. I didn't love the last season but I'm still excited for this.
  9. Season 4 was one of the worst things I've ever seen nn
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  10. I’m so excited!
  11. While I missed some of the original stars, I still thought Season 4 was a ton of fun. My expectations were low, especially after the fairly apathetic reaction, but I didn't notice a lapse in quality.
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  12. I liked the fourth season as well. Short hair sissy was the only one I wasn't feeling, I even liked the Prince simply because I have a thing for boys that constantly look like they are about to cry.

    I hope they give Manu more to do this time around other than be (incredible) eye candy. Wouldn't mind if he and Omar got together.
  13. My brand
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  14. rdp


    Nice that Patrick will actually get to be a character (?)

    The whole show has been trash(y) so I don't really differentiate between the seasons that much if I'm being honest ddd
  15. So glad to receive this just in time to fill the current Euphoria void in my life.
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  16. Another police incident...lock them all up!
  17. They must be failing their bachillerato studies.
  18. ITS OUT!

    Okay girlies, I’m on my Season 5 Elite Binge and just finished Episode 1.

    • Why is Samuel still here?! I’m sick of his one facial expression and overall pathetic resistance.
    • The detective/murder mystery is a bit tired but I guess it keeps it going.
    • Benjamin’s strict school regime is interesting - a little bit scary.
    • Poor Cayetana, she remains a loser: an iconic one though.
    • The Phillipe storyline looks to be interesting, I’m wondering how they’ll handle it. The blonde girl (I don’t know her name yet) is already insipid. Another low rent attempt of recreating Carla/Lu.
    • I still hate Ari. She’s no Lu and her acting is horrible. Her sister (Mencia??) is still the better sister, even if she is sour with Rebe and heading into a depressing spiral.
    • Speaking of Rebe, I still love her attitude. She truly is in her own lane.
    • Patrick actually having multi-dimensions to his character, despite his first storyline being about sex with Omar and the flirtation with new boy Ivan.
    • Hopefully they give Omar something to do. He’s desperation for Ander to respond to his texts and throwaway fucks with Patrick are NOT it.
    • I also hope everyone who watches and reads this will also join me in wanting to be DESTROYED by Ivan’s dad. Woof!

    • This episode was mainly a masturbation episode.
    • I did not expect Samuel to hook up with a guy!
    • Phillipe and Patrick was bound to happen
    • I low key think Benjamin has the hots for awful Samuel
    • BadgalARI is growing on me, may she continue to be wild and a bad gal.

    • Isadora finally became interesting. She seems to be lonely, unhinged and very desperate. Her outfit during the Drive-In Scene was a SERVE. She reminds me of a young Nicolette Sheridan.
    • Cayetana is best when she’s supporting Rebe or Omar. She’s much more likeable there.
    • Bilal is so cute, I’m curious what happens there,
    • Samuel is a CUNT. His attitude is awful. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ at him being devastated when he’s leading the vote being expelled by his peers!
    • Benjamin is entering dictator-psychotic status. Tracking the students and then getting them to vote to expel someone is wicked!
    • NOT a fan of the potential Ivan & Ari storyline.
    • Samuel is a CUNT. It bares repeating.

    • The Auction to raise money for students who need “help” is clearly another way for Benjamin to pour some love into the unworthy Samuel.
    • What is the point of Bilal in this storyline?
    • Rebe reading Mencia to filth at any chance is just amazing! It’s what Mencia deserves.
    • The Ivan & Ari storyline continues and is cringeworthy/predictable.
    • Okay Patrick… slightly saw that coming!
    • The last 2 minutes of this episode was INSANE

    • The bulk of this episode was focused on Cayetana, Isadora, Patrick and Ivan
    • Cayetana proving herself to be the most grounded character, we love to see growth!
    • Cruz is creepy in a hot but annoying way.
    • Ivan and Patrick… That was a good reflection of what that can be like sometimes. Sans the godlike bodies.
    • I don’t really care about the murder, it doesn’t seem to be the most gripping thing about this season.

    • Whilst fun to watch, especially the demise of Samuel- it was a bit filler. Nothing really happens except a fundraiser to bail Samuel out. Yawn.
    • Cruz outbidding his son for Patrick was a kii
    • Samuels look of betrayal that Benjamin didn’t bail him out *chefs kiss*
    • Bilal seems to have been deleted from the show, Omar too actually. They haven’t been in this for 2 episodes now.

    • The manipulation plan between Rebe and Samuel is very Season 2/3; I love it.
    • Phillipe did Isadora dirty like that and read her to filth. Poor Isa, she’s really grown on me.
    • Ivan and Isa is a duo I didn’t see coming! So wonderfully camp. Just getting off to Ibiza? Why not!
    • Benjamin is the villain we always knew. Samuel is pathetic and dumb, just like we always knew.
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