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Eliza FKA Eliza Doolittle - Wide Eyed Fool + Third Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. After four years, Eliza has returned with her new song 'Wide Eyed Fool'.
    Gone is the twee-ska-pop.

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  2. A&E


    What a brilliant makeover, finally she's found the perfect sound for herself.
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  3. I've always loved Eliza, and wondered why she never gets much PJ love. I still play In My Hands regularly.

    Too bad she didn't capitalize off her Disclosure hit a bit more.
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  4. For as long as I live, I will always bust out the debut in the summertime, but I think this change of style is very appropriate and very lovely.
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  5. I was actually wondering what happened to her. I'm glad she's back, her second album wasn't that bad.
  6. 2014

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    Just caught this on Spotify - I wondered what she'd been up to, I'm quite happy with the name change too. Her debut does still hold up remarkably well though.
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  7. I like a few of her songs.

    Big When I Was Little is still a bop and I don't care.
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  8. Still in love with this:

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  10. Another fabulous track. Shame this will go unnoticed. Album please?
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  11. I really do prefer her old music compared to this new ELIZA stuff. I could rely on her for that feel-good skippy-pop sound, but I'm not feeling as much from her new music.
  12. Amazing. Thanks, @2014.
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  13. This "era" is boring but the music sure is great.
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  14. "Wasn't Looking" is such a slow jam, I'm obsessed.

    I could go on and on about how talented and underrated she is, but I'm afraid the forum has never been "here" for her.
    Which is a shame because the second album was fantastic (bar maybe "Big When I Was Little") and she has an incredible voice.

    That said, this is up to 450,000 streams on Spotify now, which is quite the achievement considering it was released independently and didn't have any radio/playlist support.
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  16. I'm really digging this new direction she has taken.

    In other news: "Wasn't Looking" is up to 1,2 million streams on Spotify now, which is an incredible achievement for a self-released song. I hope it has generated some label interest.
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  17. In Your Hands and this new direction are far more interesting than the first album where she was basically a Lily Allen clone
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  18. It’s all a bit Jessie-Ware-on-a-budget but I like it. She deserves more success.
  19. Livid video

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  20. Gorgeous.
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