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Ella Eyre.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Apr 19, 2013.

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    OK for me to make this thread? I'm having a bit of an obsession with Ella Eyre recently and I can't wait for her to come out with her own stuff! She's signed to Virgin Records, and she has a site that says music is out SOON!


    Waiting All Night with Rudimental - current #1.


    Waiting All Night Radio 1 Live Lounge, AMAZING live vocals


    No Angels with Bastille


    This girl has crazy potential, and I am really interested in what is to come. Anyone else looking forward to this? I think the live lounge performance made me be a huge fan of her
  2. One to watch for sure this year....
  3. I heard this a couple of days ago. Produced by Two-Inch Punch as well.
    It's so good, a great sound for her. I have a feeling they won't push this release much, as I reckon they want her to be eligible for Sound of 2014 inclusion.
  4. [video=youtube;lqPC3dmKFdw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqPC3dmKFdw[/video]
  5. Deeper is nice, very stylized. It's a really nice blend of a motown style sound but with a modern twist on it, which is the perfect direction for her.
  6. I'm totally in love with her voice and everything about her.
  7. Does anyone have a clue what are the expectations for Ella? Deeper was a major flop and barely snuck into the top 100.
  8. 'Deeper' was a soft release to capitalise on the "buzz" of BBC Sound of 2014 and Brits nominations, she's getting her proper launch early next year from what I've heard.

    I'd say 'Deeper' has done what it needed to, kind of like Sam Smith's solo releases this year.
  9. I've just recently discovered this awesomeness.

    It's like an Adele + Winehouse + Lorde hybrid. DEEPER is such an earworm. Why did it flop?
  10. All About You screams a hit. I love her voice.
  11. All About You is huge. She needs to release something soon!
  12. First proper single "If I Go". Sounds pretty good to my ears.
  13. Sounds good but not lead single material.
  14. That voice needs some killer material, I'd hate for her to go unnoticed. She sounds like the lovechild of Winehouse and Mutya.

    Everytime I listen to Rudimental's Waiting all night I have to remind myself it isn't Mutya singing.
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I loved Deeper but I get that it didn't sound like lead single material. I can see her doing something more urban, like Kelis or Fergie
  16. That breakbeat needs to come in earlier.
  17. I think I can't not love any song she releases just because of THAT voice...
    However, I don't think this is single material either, but I hope I'm wrong and this is a smash hit!
  18. What a voice! I love it! I think the song is a grower... It will take more time than Deeper but I think it may stuck in your head soon.
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