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Ella Henderson - Dream On Me (ft. Roger Sanchez)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hallkyon, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Having signed to Rudimental's Major Toms, Ella is set to release her new single Glorious. Coming this Friday.
  2. At. Last.

    I really hope she can pull herself out of Syco’s wreckage and have a solid career after this.
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    Is 'Create' the album title? I wonder.

    Anyway, after years of waiting, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking this is the single.

    I can see the thinking in announcing this alongside the Jax Jones song...
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  4. I know I'm basic but Chapter Two would be a fitting title considering it really is a new chapter in her career..
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  5. Nah, it's just her tattoo. Allegedly, the album she did for Syco was supposed to be titled 'Honest'. I wouldn't be surprised if she stuck to it.
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  6. The Cheryl Cole - 3 Words stan jumped out.
  7. Graphic design is her passion.
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  8. It looks like... a minimally better version of Lover.
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  9. Gorgeous artwork at least.
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  10. Well, finally!
  11. Welllll that took some time!
  12. Whew the drought has finally ended.
  13. I'm too use to looking for clues ala Taylor Swift, I say scrap both and go with Chapter Two

    Wise releasing this whilst she's alongside Jax Jones (apparently the 163rd most listened to artist on Spotify) this week promoting the single. Her only and best bet of getting some attention after an insane amount of time away. I'm actually concerned how this will do as she's left it rather long! She was huge when her debut came out...oh Syco! That James Arthur duet was amazing too...could have been huge with a XF final performance...
  14. I'm envious of her tan on the cover and glad she's finally wrestled free of Syco's death machine.
  15. Oh my god, yas! Finally!
  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Good for her. She didn’t deserve to be in limbo for so long.
  17. Excellent news.
  18. Rob


    That single cover is... a choice but I'm perched for new material.

    She must be the most successful artist to have ever been dropped by their label. I'm willing her to succeed as a fuck you to Syco.
  19. Very excited for this as I love her voice and Chapter One, love the artwork too.

    Not sure what I want from her, but hoping for something upbeat to lead before we get the inevitable ballads. Hard Work is still my favourite thing she's released.
  20. I hope things go well for her, she's extremely talented. Ghost remains pop perfection.
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