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Ella Henderson - Dream On Me (ft. Roger Sanchez)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hallkyon, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. This is SO generic, my god.
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  2. I am not that huge of a fan of this, but Ella is so likeable. Hope this will be a hit for her.
  3. It's so sad to hear her veer into this ultra-bland, basic, Jess Glynne-sounding bop on heavy rotation in PureGym-territory.
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  4. It sounds better than Hold Me Close but still a bit generic. She sounds very light?
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    The fact that her debut album was full of striking and memorable melodies and hooks - even on (most of) the ballads, and that was literally why it stood out amongst the dozens of other soul-pop records of the 10s. And yet I can't even recall a single melody from this era.
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  6. Nice. Very Clean Bandit-esque.
  7. This is serving Love Island incidental music, but I guess I'll bop.
  8. Wow. They processed her vocals to the point that it could be absolutely anyone.

    The song is alright.
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  9. This is a BOP. Nothing life changing, but still good enough to dance around to in my kitchen.

    Hopefully it smashes and makes her relevant again. She deserves it after the years of label drama.
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  10. Take care of you is currently #8 on UK iTunes, I know it doesn’t count for much but it is good to see! Does anyone know how many streams it has managed?
  11. 1st day — 223,688 streams
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  12. Wow, this is even more generic than Jess Glynne. There is absolutely nothing about it that stands out or would make you rush to buy an album.
  13. This is very bare bones basic bop, It needed fleshing out with better lyrics and a crisper production.
  14. Her debut album is insanely good and that new material only highlight the greatness of it. Take Care Of You is a nice basic bop, but it sounds like something what Clean Bandit would release in 2016.
  15. Major Toms / Asylum Records are notorious for turning promising acts into GP fodder. Anne-Marie can testify to that.
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  16. I actually really like this and think it could resurrect her solo career to an extent. I mean if James Arthur can become a household name again, I think it’s only Popjustice that Ella does too.
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    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    But Ella’s a woman who’s actively not a piece of shit. It’ll never happen.
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  18. Piano performance for Mahogany sessions:

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  19. Take care of you charted at #68 in its first week of release. Let’s hope the single will climb into the top 40 at least
  20. Just hearing this. It's fine, but kinda basic. And she sounds so different in the verses?

    I really hope she comes back with some better stuff because I loved her first album. I don't think this new stuff is doing her talent justice.
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