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Ella Henderson - Dream On Me (ft. Roger Sanchez)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hallkyon, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Island

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    I hope all of her pre-Alarm stuff leaks one day.
  2. This is soooooo much better.
  3. Acoustic version released last week, in case anyone missed it.

  4. At least This Is Real is still really good?
  5. Remix of Take Care Of You out tomorrow, in case anyone's still here for this song.

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  6. Jax Jones' remix of this was released last week.

    And another.

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  7. She's the singing chipmunk on this track
  8. Shame she hasn’t been credited for this, but at least she should earn some coin being a co writer
  9. How weird. I didn’t expect it to be such a significant part of the song, but it’s almost entirely her?
  10. Not this being her highest charting single since her comeback and not being credited for it. #4 this week on the U.K. charts
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  11. I don't get why you'd get Ella Henderson on your track and
    1: Do THAT to her voice
    2 : Not credit her.
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  12. Straight people.
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  13. The fuckery. I would demand to be credited, especially considering the current state of her career, where any kind of resemblance of a hit is appreciated.
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  14. To be honest if I was on that song and I heard what they'd done to my voice I'd be quite happy to go uncredited
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  15. Love this version. She sounds phenomenal here:
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  16. Way better than the regular.
  17. Ddd 'Take Care of You' is low tier Jess Glynne that would usually be torn apart. That being said she sounds great in the acoustic above
  18. Take care of you has stuck around in the charts for 12 weeks now. A lot longer than I expected. Hopefully the next single is out soon, and gets better Spotify support! Watch us get a single In 12-18 months dddd
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  19. Next single out next month
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  20. It peaked at #50 yet everyone seems to know it and it gets a ton of air play.
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