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Ella Henderson - Dream On Me (ft. Roger Sanchez)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hallkyon, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. So surprised at the chart position, I hear it everywhere!
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  2. Yeah it's odd how it works sometimes... it was top 100 on the streaming chart a couple of weeks ago though so it might be say, #120 now.. Apple Music has quite a big slice of the market. And perhaps it's doing better on some of the other streaming sites?

    Other factors may be that it's getting download sales whilst other songs below it in the chart are mainly relying on streams. Lower down the chart an extra 1 or 2k of downloads can probably give you a big boost up the chart. And there'll be other songs in the mix that gave Accelerated Chart Ratio applied to them which also confuses issues.
  3. New EP "Brave". Announcement tomorrow at 9am GMT.
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  4. It was released a few weeks ago, but I noticed earlier she is properly credited on the Acoustic version of Lighter. Seems unusual that she wouldn't be on the original when she is here?

  5. She is on the original as the uncredited vocalist on the chorus/hook. Her vocals are heavily edited.
  6. I wonder why she's uncredited? The first time I heard that song I knew it was Ella but when I looked it up on Spotify I assumed it was just someone who sounded really like her as she wasn't credited.
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  7. Yeah so confused as to why they haven’t credited her? Bit odd that.
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  8. Ella’s new single ‘dream on me’ ft Roger Sanchez is out on the 2nd October. It seems she is sticking to the dance route this time around.
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  9. Me likes what me hears very much. This could be a massive bop:
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  10. 2014

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    Roger Sanchez???? A serve.
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  11. It's mad that she still doesn't have a credit on Lighter. Her management should push to get it linked up so it appears on iTunes + streaming services.
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  12. Take Care of You was beige af but this new one sounds like a bop. I can see her having a Becky Hill type of career going forward if they play the cards right - she just needs bops.
    This Is Real is certified platinum and I’m sure We Got Love will end up gold, so she’s doing really well all things considered! Just needs to focus on good dance music.
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  13. This sounds huge
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  14. Wait, finally I like a song again... Hope it smashes.
  15. This sounds like it could be big. It would've benefited being released in summer though.

    Is the reason for this collaboration because it samples Roger Sanchez's song Another Chance?
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  16. Bop.
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  17. What's with the thread title? Is that Roger's lesser known brother or what?
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    Scream, I've edited it.
  19. The new songs a bop!
  20. Did it drop?
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