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Ella Henderson - The Dance Diva

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hallkyon, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. The two new songs (that we hadn't heard yet) are cute, but I must say I was hoping for more.
  2. Why is Hold On Me marked as Explicit but she doesn’t use any explicit language on it?
  3. Hmm, it's okay but nothing special sadly.
  4. Friends is the best song of the lot, it's got really nice melodies and production. It just feels a bit 2016 and it's weird that she or anyone thinks these songs are the material to come back with. It feels like a between-albums EP of leftovers, not an "I'm back!" moment.
  5. I feel like the songs she is featured on (We Got Love and This Is Real) are the songs intended to have the most impact and reintroduce her to everyone. I imagine this EP is just a little bonus to help get her streaming numbers up and what not.
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  6. When do strategies like this ever work?

    9 times out of 10 when popstars come back with a "buzz" drop it does significantly higher numbers than the actual first single/proper project which follows. When you're not huge, you really only get one chance and to most people (and to Spotify playlisters) that will be the first song you release. So if this EP is a "bonus" and not the real push project, her team are stupid. She's lucky Jax kept her on This Is Real and is having a cute hit with it.
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  7. I'm lowkey disappointed as well. It's not just Friends, but the whole thing sounds very 2016. This is all fine but... not really what I expected from her? Even Hold On Me, which is probably the closest to her previous stuff, seems to lack the it that the ballads on Chapter One had. Quite ironic how Glorious sounds dated the day it comes out, while her debut still holds up so well.
  8. I think the good thing about this is whilst the EP songs are just cute at best, it’s probably only something to tide us over until an actual album.
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  9. I just feel like you should wait until you're ready to release the one, instead of putting out sub-par/okay-ish material to tide fans over. People will stop checking for you if the material isn't good enough. Also see: Florrie and the Sirens EP saga a few years back, and Sigrid and her (mostly) awful Raw EP.
  10. True, you always see artists coming back after years and there’s no one left to hype for them, because if the material isn’t good enough for the length of time you went away it’s pretty insulting to the listener.
  11. It means fuck all but Glorious EP is #8 on iTunes
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I... am going to pretend this EP doesn't exist and continue bopping to We Got Love and This Is Real.
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  13. This Is Real climbs another 11 places to number 19 this week and We got Love enters at number 50. It's really good to hear Ella in the charts again. Still my favourite X Factor contestant ever. It would be nice to see this translate into solo chart success though.
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  14. She performed a new song that's not on the EP during her show yesterday. Could we be closer to an actual album than we think?
  15. She could release a five disc album with everything written and recorded.

    I guess they are going with the lead single in february, album the latest in Q2
  16. Her music translates so much better live for me.
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  17. Flawless. Ghost will forever be that song.
  18. Yeah, I'm going to take Young from EP and just run.
  19. The thought that she was only 18 when she wrote this and just got off of X Factor (which she didn't even win)... She really is one of the most talented artists that they have discovered on the show!
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