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Ella Henderson - The Dance Diva

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hallkyon, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. The Sigala track will be A-listed on Radio 2 this week.
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  2. The live performance of Hold on Me has pretty much surpassed the Glorious video in terms of the views already, and it's been out for less than two weeks, which says a lot. Seems like ballads are the way to go for her. I still can't get enough of this snippet she shared a while back. If she released Red Roses as the lead single from Album 2 (and promoted it), she could make some points, I believe.
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  3. This sounds gorgeous.
  4. ...
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  5. How has We Got Love been doing? I thought it would be an instant smash for her but it seems to not really have done much? Hope it turns around it’s a good bop!
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  6. The ending of that where the Christmas trees start moving got me!

    Have to say I kinda forgot about Ella and didn't realise this was out until I saw this thread. Just watched that video and LOVE that song!!
  7. It's funny, when I got Jax Jones album I felt this song was a bit generic, but it's really grown on me and she's selling the hell out of it, glad it's getting her profile out there again.
  8. New peak on the Official Chart for This Is Real:

  9. It’s on all the Apple Music playlists and rising on the charts plus, it’s on the radio all the time so it’s definitely getting there.

    Slow and steady wins the race and all that!
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  10. Great to see her snatching another Top 10 hit
  11. Wow, top 10 at last! We just need the Sigala to pick up steam. I’m hoping this will steer Ella’s new material into something more contemporary and current sounding. I enjoyed the EP, but solo wise it was never going to bother the charts.
  12. I'm made up for her, she's really put a lot of effort into pushing the track and hopefully it can open a lot of new doors for her.
  13. I hope Simon Cowell is kicking himself at this news. Happy for her.
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  14. I’m glad she is recovering from the disgrace of a ‘label’ that is Syco. Go Ella!
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  15. The Ella / Sigala track looks to be loosing steam on iTunes. Is it picking up on streaming? Icing on the cake would be another Top 20. I’m surprised it’s taking so long as Sigala are coming off the back of their huge Becky Hill track.

    I don’t think Radio 2 have it on their playlist anymore.
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  16. Yeah I love this song a lot but I question whether it’ll repeak, abit worried for her that it could flop abit but hopefully not! I honestly think the issue is it’s just not as instant as say Wish You Well or Lullaby.
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