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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. I can’t believe she doesn’t have a thread. DJ Mustard signed her to his 100 Summers label ,she opened for Kehlani on most of her tour dates last year and she’s stated her debut album should be released sometime this year.

    Her latest single:

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  2. A mess that she doesn't have a thread. I love her voice.

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  4. She was robbed of a spot on BBC’s Sound of 2018 poll too. It’s a bummer since she’s British too.
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  5. Her magnum opus for me, so far.
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  6. No Rush is her best song and it's not even available anywhere.
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  8. By anywhere I meant Spotify sorry.
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  9. "Naked" is phenomenal.
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  10. Love her, she has some cute bops, but i'm still waiting for her to release something that will make her stand out from all the other R&B girls.

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  12. Her voice is very nice. Soothing. Sweet. Sexy. She deserves to blow up.
  13. Is Boo’d Up getting any radio play in Ella’s native UK? Urban radio in the USA has really been supporting the song.
  14. What kind of black Natasha Bedingfield experience
  15. I heard Boo'd Up today for the first time and I love it. The wordplay in the chorus is super creative.
  16. She's so fantastic, I need her to blow up. Her voice is so soothing.
  17. Top 20 on the Hot 100 this week!

  18. I'm genuinely surprised this is charting. I thought she'd just be another R&B girl unable to break into the mainstream. Good for her.
  19. 3Xs


    I really hope Boo'd Up becomes a summer anthem this year. It's so effortless.
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