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Ella Mai

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. She’s mentioned he’s her fave a million times

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  2. I only very recently heard of her, but Chris Brown stanning is enough to immediately put me off.
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  3. CB aside she's a talent and an ear for melody, all her songs are super catchy.
  4. Kehlani used to say he was her fave too until he turned his vitriol onto her. They always learn the hard way. (Tinashe, Zendaya, Normani, etc.)
  5. Difference is he was pushed on Tinashe and Zendaya who didn't want him, while Ella has been vocal about being a stan and him being her no 1 collab etc.
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  6. Her Chris Brown duet was renamed Whatchamacallit and it’s the first instant grat track:

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  7. She’s too talented for a Chris Brown duet. The song is nice but that’s just put me off.
  8. Sadly, I really don't get her hype. Her songs are ok but they seem kind of dated.
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  9. I'm listening to the album and I'm on 'Cheap Shot' and they all sound like they could've been sung by Chris Brown.
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  10. She’s on the cover of Billboard magazine with Dua Lipa and Post Malone:

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  11. The dictionary definition spoken word interludes are extremely corny and I quickly skipped past the Chr*s Br*wn song, but otherwise this has been a pleasant listen. "Dangerous" is great.
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  12. Now you say that... yes... Oh well.
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  13. Thanks for ruining the album.
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  14. Trip on the Tonight Show:

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  15. This is a win for me - as I generally like the songs Chris records? Just despise his vocals and persona.
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  16. Is this worth listening to? Any highlights?
  17. I haven't listened to the album yet but I heard "Gut Feeling" in the New Music Friday playlist and this song is single-worthy.
  18. Do we have projected numbers for this? Trip finally clicked when I watched that performance but I still her EPs were better than the album.
  19. It’s a good album. Give it a spin.
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