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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. I was excited for this after Boo'd Up & Trip but it's kinda boring nn. The interludes are a waste of space.
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  2. Love “Shot Clock,” “Own It,” and “Run My Mouth.”
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  3. Ya'll clearly have not listened to her EP's since there are much longer and spoken bits and actual little skits after almost EVERY song, these are much shorter and more concise so its not a huge deal. As for the album, its a great continuation of what she has already done while moving her sound forward ever so slightly.
  4. Love this album it’s such a strong Rnb Album . It’s hard to pick favourite’s as it’s all quite strong imo . I love how she mixes old school 90’s Rnb and then current Rnb throughout also !
  5. This is a strong debut, interludes aside.
  6. Hot 97 interview:

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  7. I like the interludes.
  8. I finally listened to the album (minus the CB track) and iss cute. I'm not blown away but it's a good debut. I would put it on par with like Sevyn Streeter's or Justine Skye's albums.

    I also find the interludes annoying. Didn't like them on the EPs, still don't like them now.
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  9. Strong debut, quite a nice listen. My biggest "problem" with it is till that it sounds so cohesive to an extreme that the songs almost melt into each other, you almost feel like you're listening to the same track over and over again bar the interludes. But it's such a chill album, I really dig her.
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  10. Breakfast Club interview:

  11. I'm having trouble getting into this as a whole, but there are some gens here. Cheap Shot is my current fave aside from the singles.
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  12. I’m going to need people to stop sleeping on this Album it’s so damn good ! Close , Own it , Shot Clock, Gut Feeling , Run My Mouth and Dangerous are my highlights but overall it’s a great Rnb Album !
  13. Loving her album. Delicious.
  14. Tour dates:

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  15. I'll go if she performs the interludes live.
  16. I feel like this should be an album I absolutely adore, and instead I feel very shesacutegirl.gif about it.

    The girl clearly has talent and I’ll still use the album, but I’m going to need a bit more from the follow-up (and also no Chris Brown, please).
  17. I like this album and I'm really happy with it mostly because I didn't expect a lot from it. I knew this was gonna be executively produced by DJ Mustard so of course songs were going to sound a bit "samey" at times. But overall it's a good debut album and it's the kind of R&B albums I love to listen to during the fall, so the timing is perfect!

    I think SHE really makes the album interesting. Her voice is smooth and her delivery is quite often on point and helps to elevate certain songs ("Dangerous" for example). I do really love "Gut Feeling" and still think they should push it as a single, her chemistry with H.E.R. works perfectly and the song is the kind of mid-tempo R&B bop that would do very well on urban radios. "Sauce" is also very good and "Easy" is the typical but beautiful album closer that I love so much. And I like Whatchamacallit" but I know this is kind of an unpopular opinion so please forgive me
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  18. I am properly obsessed with 'Trip' right now. I prefer it to 'Boo'd Up' now!
    I've heard it a fair amount on Radio 1 and it is on the Hot Hits UK playlist. I really hope this can finally give her that UK breakthrough...
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  19. Even though I'm not sold on the album, Boo'd Up & Trip are an excellent one-two punch. I'm still obsessed with both even if they're overplayed as hell.
  20. She looked beautiful today/ loved her performance should of performed Trip tho
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