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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Iggypig, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Does anyone remember her?

    I bought her album purely on the strength on 'Don't Want You Back' alone. Yes, it was just 'Oops!...I Did It Again' but with different lyrics, but it sruck a chord with me and I still really enjoy the album.

    Suspicion is another of my faves, and should have been a single.

    Whatever happened to her?
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  2. I used to love her. Don't Want You Back and So Many Way were (and still are) great pop songs.
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  3. Don't Want You Back was good. Would have been a hit if Britney had recorded it.
  4. You can sing the lyrics to Oops over the top and it fits perfectly.
  5. Didnt she use to be Pete Watermans toilet cleaner or something?

    I bought So Many Ways
  6. She used to be a cleaner, I'm not sure if it was Pete Waterman's though.

    Random fact. Her real name is actually Tina but they changed it because Tina Cousins was signed to Pete's label at the same time.
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  7. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    There was a Genie In A Bottle on her album as well, My Heart Will Find No Home or something?

    I see that on my Itunes I have kept Don't Want You Back, My Heart Will Find No Home, Jackie and I Love How I Feel.
  8. Revisiting her album and “Suspicion” is the one.
  9. It is amazing. I was obsessed with that album.
  10. The whole album is actually great. Totally expected it to be singles + filler but Suspicion, Say What You Mean, Never Gonna Give Up On Love & My Heart Will Find No Home are all top notch bops.
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  11. I wish they’d kept the more fun, poppier, pink cover for the album in the UK.
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  12. I loved Don't Want You Back. Wish it was on Spotify. I was quite surprised at the time it missed the Top 40.
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  13. It had so little promotion.
  14. This is the version I had (the Asian edition), after importing it. Fond memories.
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  15. I got my first job taking orders in a takeaway and bought Don't Want You Back with some of my wages. I still love it. I did get the album and thought it was awful... I liked the singles though.
  16. Did she do any performances of any of the singles?
  17. Think I remember seeing her perform "So Many Ways" on CD:UK. Could be wrong though!
  18. I never saw her on anything
  19. Kid's TV were stacked back then with the big hitters releasing a single every 12 weeks, CD:UK has the cream of the cream to choose from so unless Uncle Pete pulled some 'well then no Steps!' strings it's believable she wasn't on TV. Maybe if UK TV had regional shows like in the US.
  20. She probably did things like an interview on Nickeloden when they'd show 20 seconds of the video, or some regional ITV magazine show or something like that. If she'd done CD:UK it would have probably been on YouTube by now.
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