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Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Thought it is time for a thread as things are moving pretty quickly with this...

    On 6 January, 2017, Goulding had announced that she has already started on making new music and possibly her new album via Twitter. Since then she has been in the studio with some of her usual collaborators including Klas Åhlund, Jim Eliot and Carl Falk. She has also had a number of sessions with producer Bloodpop and British singer/songwriters Raye and Andrew Jackson, which have been documented on her social media accounts.

    In an interview with Lorraine in March, Ellie stated that "I will play lots of festival this year but not a whole tour. Frankly, I’m exhausted so I probably will chill with the touring but I am aiming to bring some new music out at some point,"
    She also added that, "I think it’s ok if I get the urge and I’ve got a song that I want to give to my fans I think I’m just going to do it!"

    Two days ago, producer Bloodpop posted an instagram with the caption "Summer 17 @EllieGoulding". Alongside this Ellie has apparently filmed a music video according to her stylist Cher Coulter's instagram account.

    Body is ready for Queen Ellie to soundtrack my summer!
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  2. As long as it's not as awful as Delirium, I'm game. Bring it on Ellie. More Jim Eliot collaborations please.
  3. Give me that moody, solid 10-track album I crave from you, Eleanor.
  4. Yes Ellie, bring it on. No more Deliriums please, just give me some morr Halcyons and Lights.
  5. I loved Delirium? Hadn't listened in a good year having completely moved to Spotify these days, with it gathering digital dust on my iTunes but I thought it was supremely strong. Yes, too long.. and normally I hate the gaypopforum cliché of "Make it 9 incredible tracks queen!!" when it's perfectly good longer than that. Delirium, yes, should have lost some of the fat. Way too much.

    I remember thinking at the time it owed a lot to 1989 and was a year too late, but actually I think time has been kinder to it. To this day I don't get the hate. If you like her voice (I 90% of the time do) then I don't understand the backlash. The era was shite but that was her fault not the album being poor.

    Lose Holding On For Life and Scream It Out, sub in Heal = perfect standard edition. If one really hated Love Me Like You Do that could be bonus too I guess (I unashamedly bop).

    I just can't with another era of fans begging for Halcyon 2.0 or even Lights 2.0 (when it wasn't even that good as a whole oop).
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  6. Delirium was, first of all, way too long. And I love long albums. It had too much production and it was lacking so much personality in my opinion. This was just some Pop album a lot of females could have released, but it didn't have that Ellie stamp the other albums had.
    And the era was a mess as a whole. She started with the wrong lead single and didn't push SITWYM to become the world wide smash it deserved to be.
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  7. AXW


    Something In The Way You Move is the major take away from Delirium. Time has definitely been kind to it.
  8. This is easily my favorite song of hers. But I also like Love Me Like You Do and no one else here seems to.
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  9. Hope we get a Kay duet

    yes I will post this a lot.
  10. I love both. LMLYD is amazing.
  11. There were a handful of decent songs and some serviceable bops no doubt.. but Ellie's albums should give us so much more than just that.

    Halcyon would be a great sound to revisit. Or Lights..
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  12. More Lost & Founds please. (And Something In The Way You Move.)

    I'd love her to pare it down in terms of album length this time. Give me that 10-song masterpiece I know she's capable of. I know she won't, though.
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  13. Don't fuck this up.
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  14. More stuff like Halcyon, please.
  15. I actually really liked Delirium but I suppose it helps that there were so many songs you could easily cherry pick ten brilliant songs and forget about the rest. But I agree with other sentiments, something darker please.
  16. I'm okay with more in the vein of delirium as long as it's strong material, lots of the tracks on that album suffered for being tacked on the album when they didn't need to be.

    I kind of tuned out for halcyon but it's a strong body of work regardless. Lights was when I payed attention the most but that sound has been lost to time and I don't think she will revisit.

    Something moody and glossy suits her voice perfectly, more of that please.
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  17. While I agree it could've lost a few tracks, I thoroughly enjoy Delirium. I'm perched to see what she does next.
  18. Delirium was wank apart from Codes and Lost and Found. Hopefully she realises we don't need any more of that from her.
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  19. I would love for more moody, dark and primordial Halcyon-esque songs from her. Goodness Gracious and Something In the Way You Move were both so joyful and fun, but I want a cohesive, succinct and powerful body of work that I know she is capable of delivering. She had a nice fluff detour.
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