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Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Queen Ellie getting the last #1 of the decade.
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  2. It's not too late for Goodness Gracious to be the ten week number one it deserves to be.
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  3. By cheating.
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  4. I assume because its streaming #s are being inflated by the massive Amazon promo.
    She's at the top of all their playlists and the first song played when you ask Alexa to play Christmas music, apparently.

    It's quite clear the genuine interest in the song does not quite match that of the songs she's blocked - fair play to her though, a #1 is a #1.
  5. The last #1 song of the decade not being on Apple or Spotify does raise some questions. How do you even listen to music on Amazon? Do they have a streaming service? If so then that explains how they've scammed the number one with playlistola, Alexa Play Christmas Musicola and Joni Mitchellola... I guess.
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  6. Ddd y’all really need to provide evidence before just coming for the stats or it’s just a conspiracy theory.
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  7. This should be investigated.

    More than anything, I'd like to know why Amazon went to all this trouble to scam the charts for Ellie and didn't do the same for Cozy Little Christmas last year.
  8. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    It's the UK giving her a present for her wedding decade y'all.
  9. Cheating or not, I'm not mad about this at all. Would you expect anything less after the surreal rollercoaster year she's had?
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  10. I think it's been said that Amazon counts for a very high proportion of Christmas music streaming, in the US at least. Perhaps it's the same deal in the UK, which could account for her having a higher proportion of streams in relation to the song being on just the one service.
  11. I still haven't heard a single second of this song. I'm absolutely baffled at its questionable success.
  12. A #1 is a bit pointless if there's not much actual investment or interest in the song from the general public. The label can't get Amazon to scam people into buying/streaming a whole album.
  13. Emeli Sande must be prepping a version of Chesnuts Roasting on An Open Fire for 2020's Amazon Exclusive.
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  15. Very pressed that she's blocked Mariah but I'll fume a little less if they can get the album out on the back of this.
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    matthew. Staff Member

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  17. Nah, but this is genuinely a little... suspicious. I've literally heard the song once, and it's not like I've gone out of my way to avoid it.
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  18. Imagine “earning” #1 by having a faceless corporation play your cover of someone else’s song to people that likely never or rarely asked to hear it. I think they need to somehow factor in someone’s intent when grading a stream’s worth as if it’s true she’s got top place from people asking Alexa for Christmas music; this is truly one of the least respectable ways getting to the top.

    I’m not someone that ties an artist’s worth and quality to chart performance and they obviously must be living on the other end of the scale where bruteforcing your way to first place means you’re better than everyone else. Pop Injustice.
  19. I don't care if it was a scam, get that #1 queen ellie
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  20. I'm loving this. Well done Queen on that third #1!

    Fingers crossed we now get an album on the back of this. Announce it.
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