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Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Apr 25, 2017.

  2. Keep On Dancin'
    Don't Need Nobody
    Lost and Found

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  3. I think Around U is super cute.

    I guess on the standard, the worst are Army, We Can't Move to This, and Holding On for Life. Even On My Mind is in the bottom 5.
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  4. Oh yes yes yes. That chorus is wonderful.
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  5. Not with that 'chorus'.

    Holding on for life
    Holding on for life
    Holding on for life
    Holding on for life
    Holding on for life
    Holding on for life
    Holding on for life
    Holding on for life
    Holding on for life
    Holding on for life
    Holding on for life
    Holding on for life
    Holding on for life
  6. Now that the cheque’s cleared I’m proud to announce that I’m excited for Ellie “The Instrument™” Goulding’s upcoming masterpiece. She’s combining her inner chanteuse with her outer chavteuse to give you heart stops and hearty bops.

    Hate me? You’ll hate yourselves if you miss out on this release. Sixteen? You’ll want at least seventeen copies. Flux? Flux yeah. Close To Me? That’s an invasion of my personal space but okay. Worry About Me? Definitely can legally be considered a song!

    If you don’t buy and stream this swan song of a double album until you’ve maxed your credit cards and passed out to exhaustion I certainly won’t be found dead in an alley with an oversized emoji knife cleaved through me. June 5th. Be there or be at my funeral.
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  7. I'm relistening to "Don't Panic" as we speak, and come on, guys. That chorus is undeniable.
  8. Don't Panic slaps, though I love most of Delirium.

    Worry About Me is a bit better than Hate Me but worse than Close to Me. Do You Remember is my fav of her random releases from the past couple years.
  9. Flux is the only thing she's released since Delirium that is any good.
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  10. Dddd I've been thinking about this song again since Worry About Me dropped and honestly it kinda is the best out of these Assorted Ok Songs.

    This + Flux were pretty good. Sixteen is basic as hell but it's more in the lane she should be in than Hate Me & Worry About Me (although I'll admit to bopping a bit to Hate Me nn).
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  11. b y e
  12. aux


    I love a lot of her random soundtrack off-cuts. You'd imagine with all the re-issues her career has had, a lot of these have remained just on those soundtracks.

    Mirror, Beating Heart, Bittersweet are excellent songs. Love Me Like You Do is great - much like the bizarrely solid Fifty Shades soundtracks. Still Falling For You is cute I guess.
  13. This is lowkey one of my favorite Ellie songs:

    God, I really need her to get it together. Halcyon is one of my favorite albums of all time. She's truly amazing when she's not phoning it in.
  14. RMK


    If Ellie wants to get a hit, okay, but at least make the vapid attempts decent. This new single isn't even passable.

    Delirium was definitely a regression, but most of the cuts on there are decent enough. Keep On Dancin, Holding On For Life, Don't Need Nobody - all basic, but they're good.
  15. With all this Delirium talk, we can all at least agree that On My Mind was a trash single choice, no?
  16. I love it, but I can see why people wouldn't. And the video is garbage.
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  17. It's awful.

    Literally every album released by Ellie could have been an EP. Instead, each album contains at least 30 tracks throughout the world & you have to scavenger hunt the 5 that are good & have any replay value.
  18. Sis, just... No.
  19. Bittersweet is easily in my Ellie top3. Icon released that chopped and screwed chorus before it was mainstream.

  20. She served some straight up demonic lewks in the video. Satanic queen feeding us potential gifs and memes!
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