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Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. This is the best song since „Flux“.

    She still has it. Thank God.
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  2. Yes, regain our trust, Elena!
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  3. I can’t explain how refreshing it is to hear her truly sing a song like it means something to her; especially without the cringe “worry about she”. These lyrics tell a story. Amazing. You can feel actually heart and energy in this thing. Good shit.
  4. I... have to understand if I just like this by default after the last few misfires or if it's gonna hold up well when compared to her previous great tracks. Let me give it a few more listens.
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  5. The individual pictures are great, but the way they're cut up and combined... plus that typography.
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  6. This...is fantastic. WOW. I didn't think she still had it in her, pleasantly surprised!
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  7. She also wrote a little blurb about it on her socials. Something that I think should’ve been sent out in the mailing lists? I wonder how old a song it is if it was deemed by her to be the first song worthy for Brightest Blue?

    “I am excited and proud to present my song POWER to you. This was the first song I knew would be on my fourth album. I like my songs to have resolutions and this song reflects indulgence in superficial relationships, but also is an embrace of my own sexuality. Physical and fleeting connections with others don’t have to be deep and meaningful every time, but you do have to know what you’re letting yourself in for when it is so easy to fall for someone in lust. I think the age of social media and narcissism has caused a lot of us to be disillusioned with romance because nobody knows what is real and what isn’t. I love to have euphoric moments in my songs (like the Power chorus) as though I’ve accepted and surrendered to the fucked-up-ness of everything. I wanted the video to convey that too. I filmed the video myself during lockdown [​IMG] More #EG4 news early next week but for now, enjoy the #POWER
  8. Do I think this is a perfectly lovely slice of pop? Yes.

    Do I think it does enough to make up for the past 4 years of squandering her potential, social media assery, shit singles, shit visuals, and general apathy to being anything remotely close to likable? Absolutely not.

    It takes more than one twinkly bop to win this gay back.
  9. I don't want to get excited for the album but... this feels like the first authentic thing she's released since 2012. The lyrics are distinct from the style on her first two albums but are entirely believable as Ellie Goulding in 2020. Maybe she does have some stories to tell, still?

    And it doesn't sound like it would slot easily into Halcyon or Lights either, so the whole "I basically just went back to the producers people liked me with and made a new album I hope people like" thing is less concerning than it once was. I'm glad that the album has some chance of having its own personality and legitimacy.
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  10. Power is pretty decent, I like this direction for her.

    Ellie was a guest on this week's episode of Table Manners, it was quite an enjoyable chat and she came across really well in my opinion.

  11. Very good song, scared she might turn around in a week and roast us all by saying it was made in the same session as Worry About Me or something.
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  12. I love this. Was it that hard to release a good song???

    I actually like the lo-fi video too. It's giving me Kate Moss 2000s Rimmel ads meets Britney Spears.
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  13. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    It’s the kind of established popstar bop she should be releasing. Just confident, well produced, highly melodic.

    Her formula is so simple, the frustrating thing of the past few years is she’s been making it unnecessarily complicated.
  14. Completely agree. This is solid and I think this will easily surpass the streams of Worry About Me, so I don’t understand the need to put that one out. Only thing that seems to have achieved is alienating a big chunk of her fan base.
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  15. Come the fuck THROUGH Elena.

    I can't believe we had to sit through all of that shit when she had this ready to go. It sounds like the perfect evolution from Delirium.

    I'm gonna scream when her "Only half of the album is garbage I promise!!" hot takes turn out to be true.
  16. I think stockholm syndrome has set in with how terrible those previous singles (apart from Sixteen), as Power is alright at best.
    A step in a better direction yes, but it's nothing to write home about to my ears.
  17. This is great, and for once it actually increases my hype for her new material, which hadn't happened since... 2012? The chorus comes so suddenly I had to replay the song a few more times to be used to the lack of a distinct prechorus. Be The One's influence is really noticeable in the hook, but it fits perfectly. As for the direction, it's exactly in the darker lane in which I think she still has untapped potential. The menacing bass makes me crave a collab with Massive Attack.
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  18. I’m here for Power!

    Worry About Me is bad and good at the same time... I can’t explain it.
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  19. RMK


    The balance described from the album review we got being Halcyon meets Delirium could lead to a great album. Power certainly feels like that, and it's pretty good. Happy she's turning it around.
  20. rdp


    I found the Be The One 'sampling' distracting at first, but it does get stronger as it goes on. The middle 8 is pretty good.
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