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Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. It is distracting at first but I think the songs both have distinct 'moods' that separate them.

    How do you go from Worry Bout Me and all her other quick lil singles from the past few years to delivering that chorus? HOW
  2. Finally, Eleanor. Where the fuck have you been?
  3. I’m actually shook that this isn’t terrible. I quite like it, definitely the best single Ellie has released this era since flux
  4. I really, really like this.
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  5. I’m not into this. It’s a slowed down Be The One copy; doesn’t do much for me at all.
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  6. It's good, but it doesn't even come close to restoring my faith in her artistry. It's gonna take more than a pulsating bassline and a chord progression nicked from a better song to win me back.
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  7. The song is just okay, to be honest. She sounds bored during the verses. The chorus is very Ellie circa Lights. But that’s about it. I don’t think the song deserves the praise it’s getting. She’s capable of much better!
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  8. Listed to Power a few times and I still don’t feel any authenticity. The production is more enjoyable. This is not the Ellie I was expecting in 2012.
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  9. It's the first song of hers in ages that I've voluntarily listened to more than once.
  10. For those who are not familiar with Be The One sampling, someone told me that Power sounds like slowed down Be The One and then I caught it.

    Also guys, let's not complain about the cover, did we forgot what a mess Hate Me and Worry About Me covers were? ddd
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  11. The Be The One similarities are obvious since the first listen, I'm now playing it to a friend and he also said "waaaaait, this sounds like another song". But still, it's so good, I haven't liked an Ellie song for years.
  12. What happened to the Lauv track?

    (This Lauv is be and end all
    This Lauv will be your downfall
    This Lauv is be and end all
    This Lauv will be your downfall)
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  13. Will be on Side B of the album.
  14. P__


    To me, this sounds like it borrows more from Delirium rather than her early music. It's alright but I expected a better song to launch this new album.
  15. It's much better than the other droppings she's served us from this project but it still feels a bit bland overall.
  16. Wow this is great?
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  17. I dont even think it sounds like Be The One? The chord progression is similar but not identical. Crediting it seems unnecessary.
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  18. I’d have to disagree there. Its sampling or very similar progression does have the unintended side effect of making me think a lot about Be The One when I’m imagining Power in my head. A lot of people are pointing it out without realising that those writers are credited.

    It does seem to be climbing its merry way up the iTunes charts just looking at it now, at 23rd place currently. I don’t think Worry About Me got any higher than 47th, that’s despite it being on sale for more than half of its existence.
  19. The hook is sung in an identical way to Be The One's chorus, harmonies included, though? I noticed it right away, and it helps that it's in the same key too.
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  20. I haven't heard Be The One enough to hear the song echoed in Power, to be honest.
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