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Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. And that is a mistake you still have time to fix!

  2. Sitting with the song for a day I still get Be The One with a Carly Rae production over it. It makes up for a great song but it lacks a lot of originality. I feel this mid-tempo wobbling bass sound has been exhausted by most pop girls these last five years.
  3. “I can be...THE POWER!” - Dua Llie Goulding.
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  4. This is brilliant.

    More of this please Elena.
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  5. This is something at least
  6. With Power, Hollow Crown and Flux I can now play ten continuous minutes of Ellie Goulding output from the last 12 months without the slightest whiff of dogshit. A miracle.
  7. Be The One is a masterpiece and I’m still waiting for a rerelease so it can snatch that worldwide number one spot it deserves.
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  8. This is top-notch. ABBA would be proud of that chorus, and I have two black eyes from that bass.
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  9. The chorus is phenomenal and the middle 8. The only thing the lets the song down for me is the transition from the chorus to the 1st verse just doesn’t feel finished.
  10. I wasn’t wrong when I said she would roast us. Still a great song. Video is mildly threatening.
  11. Yessss @D.Jay get your Power Privacy Stickers now for just €9.00 and pay €3.53 to get your black stickers sheet mailed to you!

  12. I just hear Power and it's miles above her other recent output, but that does not mean it is very good yet.
    5/10 maybe it grows charges
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  13. Ellie really saw those companies repurposing their Pride gear into NHS gear and said hold my beer water, didn't she?
  14. I mean... most, if not all, merch is just generic bulk Ali Baba purchase + printing so I don’t know what’s surprising here.

    The privacy stickers are a fucking odd choice though. Who’s looking for that on a popstar webstore?
  15. The way we’ve gone from your standard t-shirts and hoodies to umbrellas, scarves, thongs and webcam privacy stickers for merch items in the last few years is hilarious and fascinating in equal measure.
  16. The privacy stickers don't even have her name or like, any indication that they're Ellie Goulding branded. You can literally go find the same stickers on Ali Express and have the same results. Her team is something else.
  17. To be fair, I can fully trust Ellie’s privacy focused branding considering how well she’s kept good music hidden for most of her recent history.
  18. Might have been better for the planet if that recycled plastic had been used for something that wasn’t going to end up in the bin.
  19. To be honest I'm grateful for the t-shirt (reasonably priced too) and cap which I ordered.

    Everything else is a no.
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