Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue

I thought this was impossible - but her new management team seems to be doing worse at promoting than the previous one??
Are you telling me that Flux isn’t the latest single?

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I still really like Sixteen. It's certainly my favourite song of the era so far, although I do still like Close To Me.

But...none of these songs are anywhere near the greatness of her best stuff.

What's happened?
Close to Me's popularity and longevity (in the US at least) has really surprised me, and I say that as someone who has liked it from day one. My friends are always bopping to it.

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Sixteen absolutely slaps, what the fuck? And the same with Close to Me, her vocals are reminding me a lot of her debut album. It’s beautiful and reminding me why I used to genuinely stan before Delirium. Give me those almost faceless bops that I love, Ellie!