Ellie Goulding - "By the End of the Night" + Higher Than Heaven (Apr 7)

Has she spoken since about her feelings on how the last era went down in the end? I loved the album and know for us all it was surprisingly good given the “singles” beforehand (which I all enjoyed nn).. but I wonder where she stands on it all now.
Maybe this is a cop out, but you really have to separate the album Brightest Blue from its protracted, misleading, exhausting, and frankly just bad rollout, because the album in the end is great.

This is great too. She’s probably the only person who would call Big Sean for this feature, but his verse is good and throws the song for a loop midway through, like a play on an old Xenomania track, just with an American rapper instead of a posh British woman trying to ‘rap’. The chorus is massive.
I’ll defend Delirium to the death. Was it right for her? Probably not. But there’s a fucking bulletproof pop album in there. Bops upon bops.
Delirium is my favourite Ellie album. I love Lights and Halcyon but Delirium still felt like an Ellie album to me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her making more mainstream pop once the quality is there. I have a problem with songs like Hate Me and Worry About Me because they lack the quality of Delirium. But Easy Lover is back to Delirium levels of good so I’m back on board.
Her label was crazy not pushing Something In The Way You Move in the UK, that should have been the lead instead of the awful On My Mind. All her albums are great, I like them all 4, the only crap is that EG0 thin for whatever with the Blackbear and Lauv tracks, nobody needed that.