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Ellie Goulding - Higher Than Heaven (Feb 3)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dynamo, Jul 25, 2021.

  1. Nobody

    @Judy Jetson Hooker on ig

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  2. I HATE YOUUUU. Ddd this made me scream LAKSJDJD
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  3. Lovely caption

  4. Preview of "All By Myself":

  5. Yes bop
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  6. That „Enjoy The Silence“ sample sounds great.
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  7. Hoping this is just a bonus track on her album but Alok does serve a good trashy bop.

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  8. It won't be included on her album or at least it isn't planned.
  9. aux


    If “Bittersweet” finally comes to streaming, I will combust.
  10. It does sound like a bop.
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  11. This sounds MASSIVE and the hit she needs
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  12. Enjoy The Silence is a timeless bop but we NEED those synth trumpets for it to fully pop off!
  13. Oh this sounds huge.
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  14. Gulp, this sounds a Banger
  15. Happy official 10th anniversary to Halcyon. Still remember seeing this trailer and pre-ordering the clamshell store exclusive edition like it was yesterday:

  16. Halcyon is easily her best album. The days when she didn't need to release stupid duets with Lauv or Jucie Wrld.
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  17. aux


    The insider who said this was coming confirmed that "Bittersweet" is included. Someone hold me.

  18. aux


    This is the tracklist, per RideOrDie:
    Neither "High For This" nor "Lights" are included, like some of us had speculated in the thread.
  19. So, High For This is going to be ignored, then?
  20. What is this and why is nothing from ''Lights'' included? Lights was a stunning album.

    EDIT: Oh it's a Halcyon re-release? Why would Lights be there?
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