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Ellie Goulding - Higher Than Heaven (Mar 24)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dynamo, Jul 25, 2021.

  1. The snippets aren't available globally. But i'm quite excited looking at these responses.
  2. She’s posted them on Twitter, IG, YouTube etc so you should be able to hear them somewhere?
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  3. Temptation sounds like a proper 80s slapper.
  4. It’s great that her label cares so much about the album’s #1 positioning on (most likely) a single country’s chart that they’re willing to do such a thing. Really shows confidence in Ellie.

    Hopefully this one will have the staying power to not disappear entirely in a month again like Brightest Blue. I miss her days of longevity on the charts and I’m unsure if they’ll ever come back.
  5. This album sounds like it'll be fantastic. My body is ready.
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  6. Everybody disappears from the UK album charts after week 1, there have even been cases of 1-OUT. Only people with good streams or (pseudo)-greatest hits can stick around. Do Ellie will be out in week 2 as everybody else. Don't get bizarre unrealistic expectations.
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  8. Was just reading this on Twitter? Why no tour? Surely this is the only way artists make any money these days?
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  9. There are different levels of touring really – she's been announced for a couple of festivals next year so I presume they're going that route rather than worrying about shifting headline tour tickets. It's an easier cheque and less stressful for her with a new child, she's been quite vocal about having anxiety around live shows too.

    (She's also rich rich now so can probably afford to be picky)
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  10. Touring also now has no money dd

    We went from 'Singles are loss makers it's all about the album!' to 'Albums are loss makers it's all about the tour!' to 'Touring is a loss maker it's all about the makeup line' in a decade.
  11. Just announced a one off date at KOKO in London Wednesday 8th February.
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  12. That doesn't sound like her choice.
  13. I mean, if she wanted to tour she'd be touring. It's not like she can't sell out venues on a Tove Lo/Sugababes kind of scale.
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  14. She doesn’t want to downgrade though
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  15. For someone who hasn't had a hit in over 5 years I think a Tove Lo kind of venue would fit her just fine. It's not like she has a huge dedicated fanbase.
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  16. Her Brightest Blue tour already was a massive downgrade compared to the Delirium World Tour.

    Almost anything would be an upgrade in comparison and I assume she’s going to want to ensure it’s as environmentally friendly as possible which might be a sticking point with arranging it all between the label, the venues, performers, stagehands and travelling.
  17. Okay but she does not want to.
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  18. As we all know, she would have to play smaller venues at this point to turn a profit. But I'm guessing the amount of potential profit isn't worth the required time and energy to her or the label.
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  19. This makes having watched that recent Troubadour reupload quite a bit sadder. She got to enjoy it being “livecasted” with her fans and there was her kick ass old band performing there, too with all of their cute interactions.

    So 10 years later it’s basically gone from worldwide touring to presumably her label being content enough to live off streams of her most mainstream successes like a bloated, full tic and denying her and her fans even a decent U.K. tour? Seems like a cruel punishment. It’s like they want her to be a part time pop star.
  20. I don't even think she had big fame and lost it, to me she was always a B/C tier girl, like Marina - just that she got lucky and got those hits but as soon as those wore off she was back to where she started.
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