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Ellie Goulding - Higher Than Heaven (Mar 24)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dynamo, Jul 25, 2021.

  1. She's had multiple top tens globally, she was never anything like Marina. Ellie was all over radio, scoring hits and selling albums right from the beginning.

    The only era anyone expected hits from Marina, she scored one (1) and then bankrupted the label. dd. She's always been destined for a DIY/indie route. Ellie isn't that girl.
  2. Read again. I said she was a Marina, then got those lucky hits, became big, and now the hits faded she's back to being a Marina type of act. Cute fanbase to buy 10,000 LPs and that's it.

    You're just reciting 2013 stan stories.
  3. Hard disagree. Ellie's second single got to #4. She was big from the start and consistently huge between 2012 and 2015. Compared to Marina her profile has always been stratospheric. Ellie converted the GP for a while via hits, Marina never did but formed a super hardcore fanbase online. There's just no similarity between them, as popstars they couldn't be further apart.
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  4. I... give up.

    They were both B tier UK-signed girls that were marketed towards cooler blogs / NME and 'not listening to Rihanna, I'm an updated version of a goth' people. Then Ellie got those radio GP hits and was almost A list for a while, while Marina stayed at the B lane. And now Ellie is back there. It's not that complicated.
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  5. RMK


    I feel like who Ellie is seen as in the UK is different than the US. I'd say over here she was a few levels above Bebe Rexha, but known mostly for the Dance/EDM collaborations. Love Me Like You Do and On My Mind were probably peak "I recognize Ellie Goulding".

    In the UK, it seems like she was probably more identifiable from the start but stopped getting huge robust hits. I see the Marina comparison a bit.
  6. I have always seen Marina and Ellie in similar lanes: both are talented pop songwriters with distinct voices and an eye for left field visuals. Especially in the states, the name recognition is similar with Ellie having the Love Me Like You Do soundtrack advantage. She was on course to be a bigger name from the debut-> anything can happen-> burn-> string of DJ features
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  7. Marina still tours plenty though, so that wouldn’t stop Ellie touring.
    She seems to keep saying she wants to tour, and it’s what she enjoys the most, so just seems a bit odd.
  8. Marina isn't married with a yound child though - this is a big difference. Also Marina never did arenas so she's fine playing the same type of venues every 1-2 years. Ellie probably feels the downgrade isn't worth it.
  9. She was “big from the start” (weirdly ignoring her literal start which was Under The Sheets’ #53 positioning) because she was initially coasting off the success and prestige of winning the BBC Sound of; especially with it previously having Adele, Keane and Corinne Bailey Rae. That alone gave her countless extra promo and national exposure compared to her peers. I notice you don’t mention the following 2 singles which finished around the top 20 while Starry Eyed outlasted them both in the charts.

    Then next she ended up benefiting from a nationwide John Lewis cover collab (which painfully started off her never ending twee cover relationship with the British public) with Your Song before ending that era with Lights (Single Version) getting to 49.

    The album did quite well for its time, especially with the re-release but let’s not pretend that her overall campaign’s charted success from start to finish was anything but wildly erratic. That’s something that has stubbornly remained with her career this whole time. It’s basically covers, TV promo campaigns, soundtracks tie ins and collabs that tend to fair better than almost all of her original material, with Anything Can Happen, Burn and On My Mind probably being the last main purely “big” solo outliers.

    There’s a lot of words that I’d use to describe her career, but “consistent” will never be one of them.
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  10. But the downgrade will be more eco friendly!
    I better try and get KOKO tickets then…
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  11. RMK


    I still can't believe Ellie did an arena tour in the US.
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  12. Wait... her signature song (bar Love Me Like You Do) was a flop in the UK? How did I not know of this until now ddddd
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  13. I still finding it hilarious that she scammed a Christmas #1 single.
  14. So I tried editing my post twice cause I actually hadn’t finished my thought but the universe got in the way. I will say as I have reflected more on Ellie’s trajectory, I almost feel bad for her? She went for the flashy accomplishments like the “Christmas #1” and scoring radio hits, but now with hindsight, none of those led to a strong fan base that is invested in her artistry. I mean the last album cycle was almost depressing given the gap between the actual album she made (Brightest Blue) and the singles (EGO) except it truly seems to be her doing.
  15. RMK


    I feel like she just didn't start where she ended up. If she had a casual fan who loved Halcyon, a lot of them probably wouldn't flock to the singles preceding Brightest Blue or Delirium in its entirety. She stepped away for years, and then tried to balance both of those directions. It takes a lot to actually land that type of goal.
  16. Snatched KOKO tickets this morning on pre-sale. Body is ready to ascend higher than heaven.

    I said in a previous post, all she needed to do was announce an intimate London show for this to be a dream era. I feel she's lurking the forum.
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  17. I’m confused I thought presale was tomorrow? I’ve ordered more formats than I’d care to admit to and not received a presale code?
  18. Maybe O2 Priory?
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  19. If you told me this was Millie Bobby Brown I would believe you.
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  20. How dare you confuse the two. You should watch this Ellie interview and learn to tell two completely different people apart:
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