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Ellie Goulding - Higher Than Heaven (Mar 24)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dynamo, Jul 25, 2021.

  1. Here comes another 2 year rollout with throwaway pop songs.
  2. [​IMG]

    is one of the artists featured in the


    Do you enjoy

    • good music?
    • pitting PJ faves against each other?
    • mess?

    If yes, then make sure to participate!
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  3. She confirmed last night at Rock In Rio new music next month.
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  4. Well!
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  5. That cover isn‘t it.
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  6. Oh Ellie.
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  7. Fucking awful. I'm ready for a messy era, girls!

  8. Her last album didn't even register with me. Outside of 'Flux" I honestly cannot remember any of the songs. I am, however, here for the mess that is surely about to unfold. Give me that protracted, confusing, pointless rollout that I love, Gouldar.
  9. The cover is so bad the poster had to spoiler tag it.
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  10. The posted cover is fanmade. Not official.
  11. RMK


    That cover is serving American Eagle three years ago. Ellie…
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  12. It ain‘t the real one, so no need to blame her.
  13. That pic is literally from her Twitter fff

  14. Just watched the full set (it’s on YouTube), apart from some dodgy camera work she was on good form. I think it was basically the Brightest Blue tour setlist with added Still Falling For You.
  15. Is she/her team that clueless?
  16. How about releasing a new album’s worth of material that are worth making a playlist for? Don’t really feel like doing one because some labelhead wants some unearned extra streams.
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  17. I can’t believe after the mess of the last album campaign, and all the hit-chasing that lead to it, she seems to be heading in the same direction with this record?
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  18. Just wait, lead announcement is coming very soon. Album cover was shot too.
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  19. She just posted a snippet of Easy Lover on her Instagram Story!

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  20. upu


    What's this??
    I hope not the lyrics for the new single.

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