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Ellie Goulding - Higher Than Heaven (Mar 24)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dynamo, Jul 25, 2021.

  1. I love this! Would prefer it as just her but I get why they went with a collab.
    Also her ad libs are lovely during the Big Sean verse anyway.
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  2. Great comeback! Find the Big Sean part way too long but great single anyway.
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  3. Now, this is ear candy!
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  4. I genuinely wish she'll pull a Hangin' On again and release a solo version of Easy Lover on the album.

    That fast-paced bass reminds me of Running Up That Hill.
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  5. This is good. Nice big chorus. Could be a decent hit for her this Summer.
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  6. Oooo I love this.
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  7. aux


    Yeah, this is actually really solid. It’s a perfect summer single.
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  8. It... is actually good?

  9. This is very good, pleasantly surprised & relieved.
  10. Her best in years, good for her!
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  11. Love this! The Big Sean verse makes a lot of sense actually.
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  12. Ooh this is great, it's wild she'd apparently been sitting on it for years.
  13. Banger! The last album is so underrated (actually the last two) but I’m here for an Ellissance in the eyes of the GP… maybe?
  14. Really enjoying this, it went all the way off during my workout earlier today.

    And I actually really like the Big Sean part. It’s nice that they switched it up and he did the verse instead of coming in at the bridge like a lot of rap features.
  15. This is....good? I feel like you can tell it's a song that's been around for awhile, and I'm not really sure about its commercial prospects but as far as her 'clearly trying to get a chart hit' songs go, she could do a lot worse. (And has...hello, "Worry About Me".)
  16. Lost & Found came on straight after this on my Spotify…..WHEW, what a rush!
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  17. I love the new song. The production is lush.
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  18. Greg Kurstin and Julia Michaels. Of course I like this.
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