Ellie Goulding - Higher Than Heaven

She's genuinely releasing some of the best music of her career with this album but it just seems like no-one cares. Shame.
Her drawn out campaigns cause such apathy in general. I would’ve loved nothing more than for By the End of the the Night to have dropped last year and then the album a week later.

When there’s soon to have been 6 songs released (hell, 7 if you include Fields of Gold - with one of those having a million remixes) and not much success or charting for the majority of those, it’s just feels rather damp squib instead of an instantly big event.
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I’m not going to let the world forget about the short film that changed the acting landscape, inspired countless famous actors and actresses since and that all the critics in the know refer to in hushed tones as “The Real Godfather Part III”.
It's mad to me that she's peddling stale After Hours-lite songs in 2023 when she's simultaneously having an effortless smash (her first in over 7 years) with a genre that feels fresh and like a good fit for her. The British public demands that she drop these Zara Larson demos immedietly and only perform the national anthem "Miracle" in their place instead.
My guess is that it is to tie in with her Amazon special, especially as the songs being released were performed at KOKO weeks ago.

Speaking of which these are Love Goes On, Cure For Love (FINALLY!), Midnight Dreams and Higher Than Heaven (FINALLY!).